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Adds the wrong/opposite Even Better Artisan Good Icons for vanilla Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers, and adds all icons for Seaweed, Green Algae, White Algae, Sweet Gem Berry, and Golden Pumpkin. (SEE DESCRIPTION FOR MORE DETAILS.)

Permissions and credits
SV 1.6.0

A quick fix has been made to make the mod compatible with both SV 1.6 and Even Better Artisan Good Icons. An update to fix the Juice sprites and add in 1.6 exclusive items will be done in the future.


SV 1.5.6 or Lower

Some people seem to be confused about the point of this mod. Tl;dr - If you have a mod that creates Pickles/Juice from Fruits or Jellies/Wine from Vegetables, then this gives BAGI icons for them (among other possibilities). If you don't have mods like that you don't need this one.

(Fruit Pickles in the main image above were generated using Wrong Keg and Wrong Jar by DiamondGrey!)

THIS MOD HAS BEEN COMPLETELY OVERHAULED. The previous 1.0.0 version was called Better Artisan Good Icons - Forage and Crops Category Remix; however, this mod can do everything that it can and more, hence it was posted as an update to it.

This creates the "wrong" Better Artisan Good Icons for vanilla crops and forage (i.e., pickles/juice for Fruits, etc.)

So what exactly does this mod create?
-Pickles/Juice: All Fruits, all Forage (except Sap), all Flowers, Seaweed, Green Algae, White Algae, Sweet Gem Berry, Golden Pumpkin
-Jelly/Wine: All Vegetables, all Forage (except Sap), all Flowers, Seaweed, Green Algae, White Algae, Sweet Gem Berry, Golden Pumpkin
-Honey: All Fruits, all Vegetables, all Forage (except Sap), Seaweed, Green Algae, White Algae, Sweet Gem Berry, Golden Pumpkin

Note that unless you have a mod that lets you produce the item, the mod is useless - you will not see these in-game or even via CJB Item Spawner. See the compatibility list below for an idea of what kinds of mods this could work with. The manifest.json will NOT check for dependencies, so make sure you have a compatible mod!

(Pickled Ginger exists in the game's coding; however, because Ginger Juice does not, I had to include Pickled Ginger in this BAGI pack. The Pickled Ginger image is the same image that is in my BAGI Vanilla Expansion mod.)

This pack SHOULD be compatible with:
-Forage and Crops Category Remix
-More Than Forage
-Wrong Keg and Wrong Jar
-Sweet Gem Berry Artisan
-Sweet Gem Fruit - Rare Rebalance
-Useful Sweet Gem Berries
-PFM Flower Jelly
-Fruit Tree Honey (note: doesn't work on their optional rocks/minerals file)
-Better Beehouses (theoretically; untested)
-Any BAGI mod that doesn't edit the same vanilla items
-Any BAGI mod that edits custom/non-vanilla items

...And likely many more! The list above is not exhaustive. :)

If anyone spots any bugs, upload a SMAPI log and let me know, please!

To Install:
1) Install SMAPI.
2) Install Better Artisan Good Icons.
3) Install mods (like one of those above) which produces some of these items.
3) Download and unzip this mod into your Mods folder.

To Uninstall:
Simply delete the folder for this mod from your Mods folder.