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All around improvements to beehouses! Use them indoors, in winter, with potted flowers, and more!

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  • Portuguese

Better Beehouses aims to make bee houses more versatile, more usable, and all around better. Current features include:
  • They can produce honey indoors
  • They can produce honey during winter
  • They can use flowers planted in pots
  • Change the rate at which they produce honey
  • Change the range to search for flowers
  • Allow using forage flowers
  • Change the value of honey with a multiplier
  • Allow honey to have quality
  • Fancy bee particles with Particle Effects mod
  • Allow using giant crops
  • Allow using trees (Thanks to CopperSun for this idea)
  • Allow using bushes
  • Cosmetic bees
  • Option to select a random flower instead of the nearest one
  • Increase output amount based on the number of nearby flowers

Supports the following languages:

Better Beehouses can be configured using the config.json file in the mod folder, or in game with GMCM! GMCM updates INSTANTLY, (as soon as you hit save,) so feel free to take a look at the options and customize to your heart's desire!

Fully Compatible
  • Automate: Beehouses can be automated, and better beehouses settings will apply.
  • MARGO: Beehouses will benefit from the producer perk. Beehouses will produce 2x as often as configured, and 4x when prestiged, with a minimum of 1 day.
  • Range Highlight: Fully integrated. Shows adjusted range of bee houses.
  • Wild Flowers: Fully integrated.

Partially Compatible
  • Producer Framework Mod: To prevent tampering, Better Beehouses prevents the bee house from being registered as a producer. Most of the time, this should be a non-issue, since bee houses only produce honey anyways.
  • Data Layers: Data Layers will not show the adjusted range, or show range indoors. Integration is in progress, and will release as an update to Data Layers when complete.

  • Bee Paths: this is now also a feature of Better Beehouses.

  • Install SMAPI.
  • Unzip this mod into the Mods folder.

You can reach me on the stardew discord @tlitookilakin#1010. Source is available here.