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If you have PPJA More Trees, a way to make honey from fruit trees and want its honeys and meads to look unique, this mod might be what you're looking for.

Permissions and credits
Between good old BAGI and its mead add-on and the newest update for Better Beehouses, there's basically no reason for fruit tree honey and meads not to look unique, right? This is why I made icons for all thirty trees added by PPJA More Trees to go along with the ones I made for the base game's fruit trees. This time, I offer bottles in both Teyla's well as well Tithrandel's style from the start – full credit for the amazing bottles to these two, of course!

Note that you'll need both a way for bee houses to produce tree-specific honey as well as a way for kegs to remember which honey mead is made from. In other words, you'll need either Better Beehouses with the option to let all trees produce honey enabled or Fruit Tree Honey as well as Quality of Life Flower Meads.

There are two different sets of sprites for the mead bottles – to choose which one to use, you have to make sure the one you prefer is in the assets folder and named "ppjatreemead.png" as that's the name the mod looks for. You can either delete or simply rename the set of sprites you don't want to use.

I've tested everything on my side and didn't come across any problems, but if you have some kind of feedback or need help, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap! :)

You'll need:
Download the files, extract them to your mods folder and you're done. Easy, isn't it? If you prefer your mead Tithrandel-style, you also have to move that image into the assets folder (see above). To uninstall, just delete everything you downloaded.

Credits/Thanks to...
  • The creators of BAGI and its mead add-on
  • Teyla and Tithrandel for their mead bottles
  • Mizu and the PPJA team for PPJA More Trees
  • The SDV discord for answering every stupid question I had while making my mods
Other stuff I made: