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If you use both BAGI with its mead add-on and have a way to make fruit tree honey, you've probably noticed that the new honeys and meads don't have unique sprites – this mod aims to remedy that.

Permissions and credits
Who can say no to new and colorful honeypots and mead bottles? I sure hope you can't because this mod contains exactly that for both honey from vanilla fruit trees and mead made from said honey. Note that you'll need a way to get that honey in the first place, though. As far as I know, there are two ways to make that dream happen: Better Beehouses included the option in its latest update along with all the other things it does while Fruit Tree Honey is the go-to if all you want is fruit tree honey.

Similar to my first mod, I recolored the amazing mead bottles made by Teyla as well as the vanilla honey sprite to fit their respective fruit tree. For the mead in particular, though, you'll need something to make kegs remember which flower (or in this case fruit tree) honey the mead's made from– I generally recommend Quality of Life Flower Meads since QoL and its successor Modular Gameplay Overhaul don't have that feature anymore.

As of today's (November 2) update, the mod also includes mead bottles in the "original" (aka Tithrandel's Floral Liqueurs) style – while I personally dislike mead and liqueur bottles looking the same, I figured some people might not use FL or just prefer the bottles to look that way. Hope you like 'em!
The new sprites are in a folder named "Alternative sprites" inside of the assets folder. If you want use these new sprites, all you have to do is rename or delete the existing treemead.png, then move the the new sprites out of "Alternative sprites" and into the assets folder. It's easier than I made it sound, don't worry!

You'll need:
It could hardly be easier: Make sure you have all prerequisite mods, unzip my mod and put it in your mod folder – voilà, you're done! If you want to uninstall it again, just delete the Vanilla Tree Honey and Mead folder and that's it. No risk of crashing this time.

Credits/Thanks to...
  • The creators of BAGI and its mead add-on
  • Teyla for their mead bottles
  • The SDV discord for answering every stupid question I had while making this
If you're interested in some more honey-related BAGI icons, you might also like the sprites I made for Mizu's Flowers and Ancient Crops or the ones for PPJA More Trees I made. :)
One last thing I didn't know where else to put: the redesigned sprites in the screenshot are from Vanilla Tweaks.