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This is a rewrite that gives you a saucier, spicier, and more immersive marriage dialogue for Elliott. The more you click, the more you get. This is essentially a rewrite and you can count on one hand how many lines are preserved word-for-word. PG13, SFW but rather suggestive at times.

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This is essentially a marriage dialogue rewrite for Elliott. I got the idea after mooning over a bunch of other dialogue mods for other characters and I really wanted to make his lines a bit saucier and more immersive. As it says on the tin, the more you click, the more you get so I definitely intended to have some pretty long lines there. Additionally, I wouldn't recommend this to people 13 and below. I don't know how many of you kids are playing Stardew but if you're looking for explicitly and implicitly SFW dialogue mods, this isn't one of them.

There are a lot more neutral and bad lines and generally longer lines both outside and inside. He also gives a lot more gifts now, depending on the weather, date, time, and location. There are a few extra lines when you have kids and lines written for your farmer's supposed birthday and wedding anniversary, so just edit the content.json file in order to set it to the right dates (instructions in the readme).

As I haven't tested every line in game, this isn't a completely finished mod. So, if you find an odd bug or two or three, please post a comment right here. Alternatively, you can send me an ask or DM  on my tumblr.


- Rewritten marriage dialogue
- Very few vanilla lines kept intact
- SFW but spicy and suggestive (no mention of any genitalia or the word s*x and its synonyms)
- Keep clicking on him for more dialogue
- 'Neutral' and 'Bad' dialogue lines were added because that sounds fun :)
- Romantic, dramatic, and cheesy as hell
- Birthday and wedding anniversary lines added

Zipped folder contents:
- [CP] Elliott's Marriage Dialogue Rewritten - PG13
  - content.json
  - manifest.json
- readme

There is no .xnb or .yaml version because I haven't figured out how to convince my laptop to work with .xnb files. I'll make one eventually but for now, this is the CONTENT PATCH VERSION and you need to have SMAPI and PathosChild's Content Patcher.
Actually... I don't know if it really needs SMAPI but let's stay on the safe side, yeah?