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A 32x32 upscaled retexture of all the obtainable weapons in the game, in an RPG-inspired style that tries to stay faithful to ConcernedApe's original designs and concepts.

Permissions and credits
It's been a while since I released my museum artifacts mod, and I felt it was time to take on something I've been putting off for a long time - Stardew's Weapons!

I've been mulling over the best way to redesign the weapons in a way that stayed true to the game's design principles and would work in both heavily modded and vanilla games. While I love Stardew's blocky style, I found it really hard to create weapons that felt intricate and unique within the limitations of 16x16 art. Inspired by Lux's awesome food mod, I decided to upgrade to 32x32 using PyTK. 

I'm very much still learning pixel art, and working with double the amount of pixels I was used to was definitely a challenge, but I'm really happy with how these turned out. My intention was to create weapons that would look at home both in Stardew Valley and a modern pixel RPG and I think I got pretty close ^-^

Some of the weapons have animations that can easily be toggled in the config.

16x16 version included in the optional files for players who don't want to use PyTK. It's a lot less detailed but hopefully still a step up from vanilla. No animations for this version because I didn't want to add another dependency to the lower-dependency version ^-^

Tools not included, I highly recommend Grandpa's Tools by Gweniaczek.

- ❀ - ❀ -

Future Plans

Trusty Tools is coming! I'm currently working on a sister mod to Faithful Weapons which does the same thing for the tools. 
You can check out the preview here.

While the weapons are intended to fit with any aesthetic, I am considering releasing a pastel recolored version for people with ultra-cute load orders. This wouldn't be that hard but would take a fair amount of work so let me know if this is something you want to see!

Currently, only the obtainable weapons (and Alex's bat because I designed the sprite before realizing (。々°)) are implemented.
This does not include weapons made obtainable by SVE. I might include the unobtainable weapons at some point, but only if my code goblin modding partner finds time to make a mod we have talked about which would make them obtainable in an immersive manner.

SVE and MARGO support will never happen and I will not grant permissions to anyone wanting replicate my style for these mods. They can be used alongside without issue though.

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Content Patcher

- ❀ - ❀ -


Replaces each sprite individually NOT the whole tilesheet, so should be compatible with just about everything!
However, the patch method used is edit rather than overlay, so it should override any other mods attempting to replace the same textures.

If you want to use a different mod for some of the weapons (or just prefer how the vanilla versions look), you can disable each one individually in the config. 

For more information, consult the Configuration_Guide.txt file included in the main download!

----------------------------------- New! -----------------------------------
Added an optional compatibility file for 6480's Iridium Recolors mod! 
Since we aren't aware of a way to read another mod's config file, our file will need manual configuration to make sure that your colors match the ones you chose in your Iridium Recolors config.
This does mean that if you want your iridium weapons to be a different color from the rest of the iridium you can do that, and we have also included a "random" option. This option will mean that your iridium weapons will change to any random one of the colors every day (does not affect saturation - either they are saturated or desaturated).
There is a txt file included in the optional download which will go into more detail about how to configure the compatibility pack, and I have included gifs of the saturated and desaturated color options in my images so you can get a preview!

- ❀ - ❀ -


You can find a complete basics guide to installing mods here. For the vast majority of mods (including all of mine), simply follow that guide and then extract the .rar or .zip file provided by the modder into your Mods folder using a program like winzip, 7zip, or winrar.

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Mods Used in Screenshots

Maraluna's Starkissed Skin Tones
Hair and shirt from Coii's Girls Sets Pack
DustBeauty's Industrial Furniture Set and Rustic Country Walls and Floors
Grend's Weapons on Display to place the weapons on the tables
Aredjay's Save Anywhere (1.5) to make sure all my screenshots lined up
Body shape from Poltergeister's Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic

- ❀ - ❀ -


Huge shoutout to Platonymous for making this possible with PyTK!
6480's Iridium Recolors color palettes used to make the compatibility file
Title font by Eliot Truelove used for the header
Pathoschild for SMAPI and Content Patcher
ConcernedApe for Stardew Valley

As always, enormous thanks to my lovely datefriend seitanicbean for doing the base for the flame animation, saving me hours by writing the json for me, helping me decide on how to draw the sprites, and generally making sure I looked after myself while I hyperfixated on this mod.

- ❀ - ❀ -


Version 1.0.0
- initial release

Version 1.0.1
- added compatibility to the main file for several mods
- added 16x16 version for non PyTK users
- added compatibility pack for 6480's Iridium Recolors