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Replaces the bright red square tool hit marker with an extensive selection of cuter pastel options with configurable shading and some alternative shapes.

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Please let me know if you run into any problems.

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Ever get tired of looking at that same bright red hit marker, but struggle with tool positioning without it? Me too! ^-^
This mod provides some alternative options in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.

If you're specifically looking for a tool hit location marker designed to match Amaryn's Overgrown Flowery Interface, the default configuration is set with this in mind. 

Included in the download are the configuration guide and catalog shown in the images above, as well as all of the config options compiled into a txt for easy copy-pasting. The config also includes the option to disable the mod in case anyone wants to turn it off temporarily without having to fully uninstall it.

If you don't already use the vanilla tool hit marker, you can enable it by opening the in-game settings menu and ticking Always Show Tool Hit Location in the General tab (it's the picture of a controller). My mod won't do anything if this setting is disabled.

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Only requires SMAPI and Content Patcher, but I highly recommend Amaryn's interface mod linked above.
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Will conflict with other mods that replace the tool hit marker, but this is really easy to patch.
The only mod we've found which does this is LOE's Interface (compatibility patched in 1.0.2), but let me know if you find more and I'll fix it ASAP!
If you're not sure which mod it is feel free to just send a SMAPI log / screenshot of your mods folder and we'll figure it out (it's most likely an interface mod).

Should work perfectly in multiplayer, but both users will need to have the mod installed if they both want the hit marker to be replaced.

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You can find a complete basics guide to modding here. For the vast majority of mods (including all of mine), simply follow that guide and then extract the .rar or .zip file provided by the modder into your Mods folder.

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As always, an enormous thank you to my lovely datefriend seitanicbean for helping with all the complicated json stuff.

Mods used in screenshots:
- Flower Valley by KAYA/jina2ya
- Girls Sets, Hats Pack, and Hair Sets by Coii
- Eemie's Just A New Map Recolour 
- A Toned Down Stardew Valley - Updated by LavenderLight and minervamaga
- Stardew Foliage Redone - Foliage Only by Hesper/DustBeauty
- Immersive Farm 2 Remastered by FlashShifter
- Gwen's Medieval Buildings and Craftables
- Better Artisan Goods and Better Crops and Foraging by cometkins
- Enemy Health Bars (SMAPI) by Speeder
- More Elegant Farmer Body by Kyuya
- Expressive Elf Ears by GoblinHours