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Retexture and rename of the tools. Now they will always be wood & iron colored and quite beaten up at the start, as if Grandpa left them in his cabin years ago...

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I Upload my mods ONLY on  Do NOT reupload them elsewhere without permission.


This mod changes textures of tools ( see images for the whole list ) and some names. 
Now the tools will look crappy at the start and with each upgrade they will get slightly better.
Retextures and renaming can be disabled in config.json



SMAPI, Content Patcher nedeed!
1. Download 
2. Unzip/extract
3. Paste into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder

4. Run the game once to generate config.json
5. Edit config.json to your liking 


The mod idea and Fishing rods recolour coding by Stashek 
Art and Content Patcher edits by Gweniaczek

Special thanks to shekurika who helped a lot with the rods recolour coding c:

New translations thanks to these beautiful people:

- Korean by S al von and ksheep0527's translation team
- Russian by nightowl2012
- Chinese by ninthalley


Prismatic Tools Mod by stokastic ( unofficial Pathoschild update )



Config options:

  "Renaming": "true",            ->            set to "false" to disable renames
  "Scythes": "true",            ->            set to "false" to disable retexture of scythes and rename of golden scythe to sickle
  "FishingRods": "true",            ->            set to "false" to disable retexture and rename of Fishing Rods 
  "BaitsTackles": "true",            ->            set to "false" to disable retexture of baits and tackles
  "WateringCans": "true",           ->            set to "false" to disable retexture of the watering cans
  "Hoes": "true",          ->           ...
  "Pickaxes": "true",
  "Axes": "true",
  "ReturnScepter": "true",
  "MilkPail": "true",
  "Shears": "true",
  "CopperPan": "true",
  "HorseFlute": "true",
  "TrashCans": "true",
  "Fertilizers": "true"