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About this mod

Simply increases the fridge inventory with additional inventory tabs. The fridge can be upgraded by using the fridge from the right side.

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Note of Warning
As of (2019-04-28) I have not had the time to test this mod intensively.
I have tested the basic functionality but not under many different conditions. 
If you are using this mod be aware that there might be some bugs. 
I will try to fix at least more critical reported bugs that appear if I have the time.

Multiplayer is completely untested but could work.
I don't know the net code for Stardew Valley very much but I have tried to adjust for multiplayer in my implementation.

Disclosure 2019
I originally created this mod about two years ago. It was just a fun side project and I didn't expect there to be many people that would like to use it. Coming back and realizing that there were comments asking for it to be updated surprised me to say the least. Originally I didn't think I would have time to remake it since I lost the source code and had to come up with a new way to modify the fridge. Also it would be boring to just try and make the same implementation again. But then I got curious and dove into SMAPI and two days later I had an idea for how I could do it differently. Another weekend and I had an untested new version for Expanded Fridge ready to be uploaded.

So here we are with an update for the mod.
I'll try to fix bugs that are reported but I can't promise anything.
The source code for this mod is on git so if I disappear and never return, anyone who wants can look and see if they want to make a new mod based on this.

Expanded Fridge on GitHub

Expanding the Fridge

Simply increases the fridge inventory with additional inventory tabs. The fridge can be upgraded by using the fridge from the right side.

  • Compatible with Stardew Valley 1.3
  • If you want to unlock max storage and all upgrades, look under the cheat section.
  • You can have a maximum number of 12 inventory tabs.
  • Multiplayer might not work but all players will need to have the mod installed.
  • Should work with all mods that doesn't modify the fridge or accesses the fridge inventory.
  • If you want to use Chests Anywhere with this mod I recommend that you hide the fridge since accessing the fridge normally can cause items to disappear or make the game crash.
  • If you can't unzip the file you might need to install winrar.

  • SMAPI 2.2+
  • Stardew Valley 1.3+

Incompatible Mods:

Save Anywhere
Will try to save the fridge before its cleaned up by our event callbacks for start and end day. This causes a serialization error. Should be fixable if moving to using saving events instead of day events when doing cleanup and setup. We'll see when I have time to try and fix this, for now it is incompatible.

In-Game Instructions:
  • Simply open the fridge and access it normally.
  • Click on the tabs to switch between inventories.
  • Open the fridge from the right side to access the upgrade system.
  • Use fridge button in your inventory menu to access fridge remotely (upgrade).

Install Instructions:

  1. Download and extract the "Expanded Fridge Files" zip file into a new folder.
  2. Copy the "ExpandedFridge" folder from the new folder into your Stardew Valley mods folder.
  3. Done!

Note: If you leave items in the fridge before installing the mod you can't access them while the mod is installed. Any items left in the fridge will be there when the mod is uninstalled.

Uninstall Instructions:
  1. Go to your Stardew Valley mods folder.
  2. Delete the "ExpandedFridge" folder.
  3. Done!

Note: All inventory tabs inside the fridge will be moved into new chests placed inside your house. I recommend you destroy them after receiving the items inside them.

If you would like to increase the base storage of the fridge or start with all upgrades you can edit the"config.json"file inside the"ExpandedFridge"folder.

Known Bugs:

I have no idea of this will work in multiplayer. I know that some things will break or possibly crash the game unless all players have the mod installed.

Stack Merging
If you put the same type of item inside different tabs they will stack together into one of the tabs when the fridge is closed. This will probably never be fixed since it is required from how we connect all the items to cooking.

Gamepad Remote Access
The fridge cannot be remotely accessed with a gamepad since there is no shortcut and no way to get to the remote fridge button without moving the mouse cursor.

Gamepad Tab Switching
It is not possbible to switch between tabs in the fridge using a gamepad since the tab buttons are only registered for the mouse cursor.

Change log:
2.0.3 - Changed from day to save events in fridge manipulation. Hopefully solves problems with Save Anywhere.
2.0.2 - Added null check in mutex update and new button placement for remote fridge button.
2.0.1 - Added option to toggle remote button in the fridge upgrade menu.
2.0 - Complete rework of entire mod.

1.2.8 - Changed settings for choosing fridge version to SMAPI friendly.
1.2.7 - Updated SMAPI code and added shift + right-click to transfer half stack.
1.2.6 - Fixed bug on mac with new settings file not being read.
1.2.5 - Escape key can be used to close the fridge and new system for choosing fridge version.
1.2.4 - Extra, Added Extra Large Fridge version.
1.2.4 - Added simple support for navigating the menu with a controller.
1.2.3 - Added an option for a scrolling menu.
1.2.2 - Fixed bug where fridge would not work if it was empty.
1.2.1 - Clicking and opening/closing now has sounds.
1.2 - Reworked menu manipulation. Should be more stable and work better with Chests Anywhere.
1.1 - Right clicking now works.