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This is a pack for Alternative Texture by PeacefulEnd, that uses YriKururu's Project Yellog Modular Trees textures, so you can have all the colours at once and live your pastel dreams.

Permissions and credits
Hi! This is a pack for Alternative Textures Framework, you'll need it for this to work!

This pack uses YriKururu Modular Trees textures, that you can find under "Optional Files" on the Yri's Project Yellog - Town Overhaul page, and let you have all the colours at once, for a real pastel nonsense.
The framework only works on cuttable trees: Pine, Oak, Maple, Mahogany and Palms, no bushes or world trees, unfortunately.

  • Download Alternative Textures
  • Unzip it in your mod folder
  • Download this mod
  • Unzip in your mod folder
  • Done!

  • Delete it from your mod folder
  • That's it!

There's little to no way this pack can cause conflict with anything, you can have as many Alternative Textures pack as you wish, and you can delete it without a care, all the trees customized will revert to their vanilla sprite (or whatever CP recolour you're currently using) without fuss.

Trees will pick one of the available textures at random, when they generate, (all the colours here have the same chance of appearing) so it's perfect on new saves. Or cut down everything that can be cut down and let a new, colourful world grow from its ashes.

You can also change trees' texture at will using the Paint Bucket sold by Robin, the carpenter.

Search the Alternative Textures in-game menu (you access it through the Paint Bucket) using the keys:
  • Project Yellog
  • Yellog
  • YriKururu
  • Yri
(this is useful if you have more AT packs adding trees' textures)

Or the colour you would like to use:
  • blue
  • cherry blossom, or cherry, or blossom
  • fall
  • lavender
  • dark green
  • light green
  • pastel green, or just green for the three of them

You can also customize which texture recolour you want to appear in game using Generic Mod Config Menu, under Alternative Textures sub-menu. This can only be done from the title menu, though.

This is useful when you want to narrow the range of colours you want to appear in game, or if you want to give each season its own feel, a Summer in shades of green, an Autumn that blushes or a sugar pastel dream Winter.

This was created to accompany Yri's Project Yellog - Town Overhaul, and its Modular Trees and Bushes Recolor add-on, but it doesn't need it, and can be used with whatever you want.
Who am I to tell you what to do?

So go and live your very own pastel fantasy!


The assets used here are not mine, but YriKururu's, if you want to use anything here, you need to ask permission first.
I have permission from the original mod creator, you should ask too.
Thanks to YriKururu to let me publish this!

If you have any problem with Alternative Textures you should go to the original mod page, I'm not the one that made it, sorry.

Mods featured in the screenshots:

and my farmer wears: