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My personal forest map replacement inspired by The Secret Garden, a comfort read of mine since childhood. Requires DaisyNiko's Tilesheets.

Permissions and credits
A custom farm map that replaces the foraging map. Requires DaisyNiko's Tilesheets.

  • Lotsa cozy lil nooks, alcoves, and hidden passages
  • Tillable grass (lighter patches only)
  • Admittedly not very practical layout. Fashion before function baybeeeee
  • New decorative terrain features & recolor support, courtesy of DaisyNiko's Tilesheets
  • Toggleable perma-decor (fountain, planters, sittable town benches)
  • Farm warp moved to the map's center-ish
  • An optional additional Deep Cave map that connects to the Farm Cave & the big waterfall on the left, just for that extra bit of over-the-top whimsy. You can use casks here! Mmmm cave-aged wine

Config Options
  • Map to Replace: which farm type to replace with this custom map.
- options: Standard, Riverland, Forest, Hilltop, Wilderness, FourCorners, Beach
- default: Forest
  • Permanent Decor: whether you want the water fountain, planters, benches, etc.
- options: true, false
- default: true
  • Deep Cave: whether you want the extra cave below the Farm Cave. Setting this to true edits the Farm Cave as well, so it's incompatible with other mods that replace the same map.
- options: true, false
- default: true

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