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From the scientists who brought you the Weather Machine, introduce Ambient light.
Ambient Light is an alternative lightweight mod that only includes the popular Ambient Light Feature.
Ambient Light allows you to experience various atmospheric effects in-game based on current physical weather conditions

Permissions and credits

Ambient Light has the same mechanics used in the Weather Machine, it's an alternative lightweight mod that only includes the popular Ambient Light Feature. Ambient Light allows you to experience various atmospheric effects in-game based on current physical weather conditions.

Important Announcements: 
A hotfix for 1.8.2 to fix the dramatic light contrast is coming!

State of the Mod Plans for 2021-2023:
  • Add variations of Light types based on the current season in game
  • Finish adding in the remaining weather condition light types
  • Add an additional config option to set the light type manually when not fetching the weather data to set the light type dynamically
  • Add an additional config option to tweak the level of contract based on current season in game
  • Add ability to set our own lighting configurations

  Submit your own feature or improvement to be added to this list for 2020-2021
  Ambient Light Feedback Form

Ambient Light
Ambient Light is an add-on for the Weather Machine, it can either be used as a stand alone, or as a direct add-on to the Weather Machine. When ran in stand alone mode, the mod will function independently and allow you to experience various colorful seamless atmospheric affects in-game based on the user's physical location. It does this by getting a local weather report based on your area and then uses that data to determine how to set the lighting colors in game. 

When ran directly along side the Weather Machine, Ambient Light will communicate with the Weather Machine and get the data directly from it, rather than manually get the data independently. This means that Ambient Light gets the local weather data from the Weather Machine rather than directly and then uses that data to function. You can either run this as a mod or you can run this along side the Weather Machine, it's entirely up to you. The color affects the game throughout the entire in-game day from morning to late at night. It allows you to experience a realistic color shading game play, based on real world events. 

Best of all, this mod is directly supported by it's users, feedback is encouraged and helps me improve the mod and add the features you want to see.
If you have a question or would like to suggest a new possible feature, head to the forums comment section and tell me how we can make Ambient Light better. Although, I may not be able to implement every feature requested. I will consider any feature request and depending on the length of time, amount of research required, and or whether it's free or not. I may be able to make this a future feature. or If you just want to tell me how am doing, hey that works too.

Main Features:
1.8.2+ Base Configuration:
Users can tailor Ambient Light to their liking when the game first boots up a config.json will be generated automatically in the mod folder with the following settings:
  • EnableRealTime: Set to true to have Ambient Light fetch the latest condition from the back end, this allows the mod to set the type of Light in game. Set to false to not have Ambient fetch any data and therefore, use the standard Overcast light type. This setting is set to true by default.

Ambient Light is currently supported for the following physical weather conditions:
  • Cloudy (Time lapse seamless lighting, supported)
  • Mist (Time lapse seamless lighting, supported 1.8+)
  • Haze (Time lapse seamless lighting, not yet supported)
  • Fog(Time lapse seamless lighting, supported 1.8+)
  • Overcast (Time lapse seamless lighting, supported)
  • Clear (Time lapse seamless lighting, supported 1.8+)
  • Thunderstorm (Coming Soon!)
  • Rain (Coming soon!)
  • Blizzard (Coming soon!)
  • Snow (Coming soon!)
  • Sleet (Coming soon!)

Additional weather conditions will be supported in the near future.

Bug Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed an issue that caused a dramatic change in light contrast between 5-6pm (Upcoming hotfix)
  • Fixed an issue where the mod would fail to maintain contrast after 6pm in the spring and summer seasons (Upcoming hotfix)