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An all-in-one, configurable combination of my old bachelor and bachelorette dialogue expansions! Currently featuring more than 1200 additional unmarried lines for Abigail, Emily, Leah, Penny, Harvey, Haley, Shane, and Elliott.

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farmerjack's Dialogue Expansions!


DISCLAIMER: Other than some very minor edits and formatting, the content of these individual works wasn't changed.  That is to say, there may have been additional lines or changes, in both the syntax and narrative, that have happened to each NPC's characterization since I originally published these in 2018.  Hence the 0.1 version number :-X

An extensive dialogue expansion for Abigail, Emily, Leah, Penny, Harvey, Haley, Shane, and Elliott, unmarried dialogue only (with exceptions for festivals in which characters had no spouse dialogue), which expands on their characterizations by taking into account vanilla dialogue narratives, gift likes and dislikes, and some events!

This mod:

Adds 1200+ lines of dialogue

Everyone now has something different to say for every day of the week, for each season, for every two heart levels in normal "around the town" play (including when it's raining!).  Additionally, updated locational schedule messages (visits to Pierre's or Harvey's, or the Night Market, for example) and festival dialogue now occurs at 4, 8, and 10 hearts!

Each character is individually configurable if you want to mix and match with other dialogue mods; as far as compatibility is concerned, I personally play with gizzymo's fantastic Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for All Friend-able Characters and allow my changes to overwrite the duplicated characters from their mod, but you can ensure other mods' changes overwrite my changes by adding my mod as a dependency to that mod's manifest if you would prefer!

What about the character changes?!


Abby was the most-developed of all of the vanilla characters. What I mean by "most-developed" is that she literally had the most vanilla dialogue lines, but I was still able to add 113 lines to flesh out all of her normal "around the town" dialogue.

Abigail is a very well-liked bachelorette, so I did whatever I could to maintain her vanilla characterization by focusing on her love of gaming and video games, her love of autumn and dislike for summer, and her desire to follow the farmer into the caves and follow her own dreams.

Her relationship with her parents is strained because they're so old-fashioned, but I was sure to throw in some dialogue at later heart levels where she actively tries to better things between everyone...even if Pierre is still an ass.  Things move slowly sometimes, Abigail.


Emily only had two pieces of 10 Heart dialogue, but they were extremely tame ("You're such a nice person, thanks for being my friend") so I downgraded them to 8 Hearts and wrote all new, more relationship-y ones.

Emily now has more off-the-wall things so say that should fit her characterization. She loves nature, the little animals, and being as carefree and go-with-the-flow as possible.  She's not above realizing that Clint is upset about her relationship with the farmer, however, or that her relationship with her sister is a little strained.


Poor Leah didn't have any 10 heart dialogue.  Not one sentence :(  Now she has a bunch!

The dialogue will also change a little depending upon whether the farmer suggests that Leah open a web shop or host an art show in town!

She's now more open about her previous relationship with Kel, and how others have seen her since she dropped everything and moved to the valley.

Spouse Leah now has her own lines in the Flower Dance, Ice Festival, and I updated her Egg Festival dialogue to reflect the fact that she's made some more friends in town.


Penny's in front of the museum in the rain?  Let's give her some new stuff to say at 4 and 8 hearts.

Penny's at the doctor and wants privacy, but you have 8 hearts with her?  Let's have her respond a little more appropriately to your relationship.

Spouse Penny now has her own lines in the Flower Dance and Dance of the Moonlight Jellies as well.


Poor Harvey hardly had much dialogue to begin with.  A small handful of 10-heart dialogues, and almost no fancy Summer, Fall, or Winter dialogue to speak of.

I added some pieces about his past, about his experiences in Zuzu City before he moved to the small town, as well as some comments about his growing relationship with the townsfolk and the farmer as well.  I also updated his grocery store dialogue on Fridays by heart level, because I feel like that's the time when a lot of farmers are actually likely to run into the guy unless going out of the way to befriend him.


Haley only has four 10-Heart dialogue phrases.  Four.   Now she has 28, as well as 28 for every other heart level, too.

Although Haley remains relatively aloof until she hits 4 hearts, once she starts to open up to the farmer, she'll become more talkative about her interest in photography, her place in the community, and her ever-bettering relationship with her sister.  She decides to donate all of her extra clothing, talks about meeting her neighbors and finding appreciation for them, and even apologizes for her initial behavior.


Did you go to the trouble of befriending Shane?  After all, it does take him a while to warm up to strangers.  Here's all of his vanilla 10 heart dialogue:
"Do you ever feel like the whole world is scrutinizing you like some disgusting insect?"
"Hi, [farmer]. I've actually been having a good day so far."

Vanilla unmarried Shane only has 28 lines of daily dialogue.  
Now he has 168.  

Shane will open up about his feelings.  His past.  His family.  His drinking.  His outlook on life.  Eventually.  I kept the theme of him being particularly standoffish through 4 hearts.  I also reduced some of his more self-destructive habits as his life is improved, but I specifically made sure to continue the theme of dealing with depression even at 10 hearts at least once per season.


Tired of hearing about the crab in Elliott's pocket?  Great, now you'll probably only ever hear that once.  Maybe. 
One of the vanilla dialogue lines was commented out.  I put it back in.  I also fixed a spelling mistake!

Elliott now has additional relatable things to say, including...
...things about literature (with Stardew-ified real world literary references)
...things about mythology, traditions, and society that you might expect a writer to have in general knowledge (with Stardew-ified real world cultural references)
...things about the seasons, villagers, and culture of Stardew Valley itself!

Maru (Alpha) and Alex (suuuuper Alpha, no really, there's like 12 lines)

I never completed or released these, although the Maru one is mostly complete other than 8 and 10 heart dialogue and advanced dialogue for festivals.  The Alex one...I mean I really tossed it here as an addition if you want it since I wrote the meager few lines.  

Both of these are set to default as false, so be sure to update the config if you want to use them!

My Writing Philosophy & Mission:
When it comes to writing for Stardew characters, I strive to keep the vanilla feel and adhere to lore as much as possible, while providing enough variety to keep characters interesting in all interactions by minimizing repeated phrases and by building their openness to the farmer across heart levels.  NPCs should feel characterization-appropriate social distance at lower levels, and datable NPCs should be flirtier at 8 and 10 hearts, but not straying from their narrative.  I always seek to expand on each NPC's place in Pelican Town, among their friends and family, and within the generally light-hearted-but-sometimes-deeply-serious tone of the game as a whole.

Didn't there used to be genderbending versions of the bachelors for these?

Yup, there absolutely did!  They were published as an example of "I wrote this for myself so why not share it."  Since then I've decided that it's not my place to actively determine this quality for someone else's character, at least not in a way that I intend to share with others.  I mean, you're welcome to change the files however you want if you know what you're doing.  Speaking of...


Do whatever you want, sorta.  No I'm pretty much totally serious except for a few small caveats.  I'm liable to fall off the face of the earth and if people want to do things with this stuff, by all means, don't let me being too anxious to even check my nexus mail for two years stop you! 

Please keep the following things in mind:

-I guess anything I say that is superseded by the official Nexusmods policies or like...whatever applicable laws there may be...doesn't count.
-Do not upload this mod itself anywhere else.  I guess if Nexus goes down and someone has a copy and they want to share it, then you can do so 12 months after it's determined that Nexus is never coming up again.
-Translations: Go for it, publish away!  Just make my mod a dependency and please accept that if I ever get around to updating i18 thingies that I don't understand, I may simply roll your stuff into that.  It's really not likely but who knows, so keep it in mind!
-Patches and use of content in other mods: Similar to the above, please ensure my mod is a dependency.  It's not even a downloads thing, I just wanna make sure that if any changes are made to the narrative or context that users have my original work to compare to if they so desire.
-Streaming, videos, etc: Please go ahead and use your platform to show off my art, I'm totally fine with that, even if it helps you earn money!  I'm not going to any extra trouble to sell it, so if you can, congrats.  Just link to this modpage in your video description, broadcast, what have you.