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Hello and Welcome to the IOS Mod!

The IOS Mod is a simple project where I add anything I feel is missing through gameplay. The goal is to keep everything balanced and for everything to play friendly with as many types of mods as possible. In theory I have designed it so far that it will not conflict with anything.

~ - Future Plans - ~
Use Dust from ground up ore and other materials to dye for clothing! [I like recoloring.]
Grind up things with a Crusher! [Because]
Alchemy Table to Convert things like Coal to Gold, for instance.
And more!

Next Update Planned for January 12th.

Current Additions:

Matter Manipulator I - VI!

Only II-VI are shown here because I'm dumb.

You will begin the game with your basic MM, the reason for this is that editing the starting quests, while easy, will negatively impact the integration of this mod with other mods. So I decided instead to give you the choice of sticking with the basic MM or taking it to the Crafting Table and converting it to my upgradeable MM.

Once you have the Matter Manipulator I you can upgrade it at the Anvil for the unit and the relevant ore bar for the next tier. To quote my website:

"The math for that worked out to I –> II (+36% Stronger), II –> III (27% Stronger), III –> IV (21% Stronger), IV –> V (17% Stronger), and finally V –> VI (14% Stronger). The grand total speed increase from the original I to the VI is +115%. That’s a pretty noticeable improvement in game.

Furthermore when you upgrade from Gold to Platinum you will notice that the device is destroying 4×4 squares instead of 3×3 (which is an improvement over the default 2×2 which was just insulting)."

Once they balance ore in the game I'll change the costs but for now you only ever need 2 of the relevant bar to upgrade your MM.

You can now create the original Matter Manipulator with a single dirt at the Oops Table! So if you want to give this mod a test you can do so safely! :D->-<

Matter to Energy Converter I & II!

This magical device converts the latent energy in mass and turns it into Condensed Energy. Think Einstein and relativity but with the added benefit that I have no idea what I'm talking about. Condensed energy can be used in your ship in place of things that make little sense, like coal.

You can convert the following materials:

  • Dirt x 100
  • Sandstone Block x 100
  • Sand x 100
  • Fine Sand x 100
  • Magmarock x 100
  • Gravel x 100
  • Unrefined Wood x 1
  • Cobblestone x 100

With the original this will create a single Condensed Energy which is currently equivalent to a single Coal.

The II model requires the same amount of input but doubles the output.

The Oops Table!

I was updating my formatting today to make my files easier to create and catalogue and noticed that it broke the items in inventories! This is unacceptable! So I came up with a profoundly simple solution, which is my favorite kind of solution. The Oops table converts "perfectly generic items" into mod items! Did I break your matter manipulator? Go to your Oops table and get it back! Want to uninstall my mod? You can buy the original unmodded matter manipulator for a single dirt! Did my mod add something another mod did? You can uninstall their mod and convert their now broken items into mine with the Oops table! Perfect Modularity and simplicity! It works a bit on the honor system, but if you "cheat" and want to revert your cheating you can always just buy the original matter manipulator and "reset" your MM progress! I usually won't break my items but this was very important.

Current Items on the Oops Table List:

  • Matter Manipulator ~ 1 Dirt
  • Matter Manipulator I - VI ~ 1 Perfectly Generic Item
  • Matter Converter I - II ~ 1 Perfectly Generic Item
  • Wall Safe I - II ~ 1 Perfectly Generic Item

Wall Safe I ~ II

Have you ever been saying to yourself "I wish I had some easy to build storage for my walls." I know I have! That storage locker on the ship is awfully entrancing but its bulky and you can't move the blasted thing! So here at IOS Industries we've created some new storage solutions for you and the fam!

You can choose to build the 16 slot model for the low low price of 5 iron bars or the 32 slot model for the equally modest price of 10 iron bars!

These prices may change in the future and we are most certainly going to be adding more sizes and more varieties of styles! So keep an eye out!

That's all for now!


I've never used Nexus before so I'll update this as I go along. I made this mod a while back but a few folks using it told me to upload it here. I've noticed some similar mods already exist but frankly I don't care. As we go along this will get more and more diverse I'm sure. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see I'll work with GoblinPunch to add it in short order!

If you wish to comment about how someone else has done X, please don't. I'm actually making an effort to not explore the nexus because I want to come across ideas on my own (or through interested mod users).

January 5th 2013
The IOS Mod 1.40 ~ Wall Safes! Convenient storage solutions!

December 31st 2013
The IOS Mod 1.30 ~ Matter Converter I Update, Oops Table, & File Formatting Changes!

December 29th 2013
The IOS Mod 1.21 ~ Matter Converter 2! & Tweaks

December 16th 2013
The IOS Mod 1.11 ~ Fuel Refinery Expansion, Small Tweaks

December 15th 2013
The IOS Mod 1.1 ~ Fuel Refinery

December 14th 2013:
The IOS Mod 1.0 ~ Matter Manipulator