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The world of RWBY, inspired by the show by Monty Oum and Miles Luna at Rooster Teeth is now bound into your Starbound! Expand your universe with RWBY themed costumes, equipment and objects. Currently contains every weapon of Team RWBY and JNPR!

Permissions and credits

This is a fan based mod that started over the experimentation of Modding in Starbound. Based on the series RWBY by Monty Oum and other talented members at Rooster Teeth, this mod utilizes various weapons or you can even choose to play as your favorite characters!

Starbound MUST be installed to use this mod. You can get the game on Steam or GoG for a reasonably small price.
Open the .zip archive and drop it into the Starbound/mods directory
If you are having trouble doing this, the default location for most Steam based Starbound installations is at:-
C://Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/common/Starbound/mods

Crescent Rose
Gambol Shroud
Ember Celica
Crocea Mors
Melodic Cugdel
Blush (Wilt and Blush)
Riyu and Jingu
Luna Rose
Ruby’s Costume
Weiss’s Costume
Blake’s Costume
Yang’s Costume
Jaune’s Costume
Pyrrha’s Costume
Ren’s Costume
Nora’s Hair
Roman’s Hat
Emerald’s Hair
Ruby’s Cape
Tigress Skull (Moonlight AU, zephyrzay)
Nevermore Skull (Grimmdark AU, weissrabbit)
Ren’s Horns (Dragon AU, passivefan)
Dust Crafting Table - Canon Gear
Radiant Dust Crafting Table - Objects, materials and Non-Canon Gear
New Fabrics
New Steels
Advanced Gear
Improper Gear
Beacon Locker
Beacon Statue

Multiplayer and servers remains untested due to being unable to host one, but Servers should work deeming that the mod is installed to the server and the players have the appropriate mods installed to view them.
If you go onto a non RWBYbound server with mod items installed, you will be able to use and view them, but only those with the mod installed will be able to see it. You will also not be able to damage any creatures.
If anyone does happen to host a server with RWBYbound installed, contact me with any bugs issues and I will continue to strive to make this mod compatible for online play.