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Adds multiple machines, one called The Beaker that breaks down your raw alien meat and crops into biofuel to power your ship and The Crusher and Reclaimer that work together to turn all sorts of dirt, rock sand and more into metals at a fair rate. And the Seed Synthesizer to turn crops into biological weapons and more

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Welcome to TS technologies where we take your unwanted and unneeded items and turn them into something more useful.

To unlock the machines!
Put 10 steel bars into a furnace to make a TS unlocker, as soon as you pick this up, the engineering table will be unlocked at a metalwork station, all current machines can be crafted from the engineering table.

The Generator
The generator is your source of energy cells, put either coal, wood (in stacks of 5), tarfuel or biofuel into it to generate energy cells.

Another function of the generator is to 'transform' energy cells to condensed energy cells (takes 100 cells for 1 condensed) and also works for condensed back to regular cells.

The Beaker
The Beaker is a machine for all you farmers and hunters, for people with more food then they could ever eat. Now you can turn all your extras into fuel for your ship! Propel yourself around the universe with the remains of your fallen enemies!

To make your bio-fuel, you either need 2 piece of raw alien meat or 2 pieces of any crop (except Oculemon which is 8) in the game, each bio-fuel canister is worth a nice 5 fuel.
Also 100 'slime' or 50 'plant matter' will create one biofuel

The beaker can also create tar fuel, a very useful fuel for your generators (it can't be used as ship fuel), each tar fuel canister requires 50 tar blocks.

The Crusher and The Reclaimer
Fed up of those 6 stacks of different colored dirt you got, or the endless amount of cobblestone you seem to be accumulating? Well worry no more, put all your unwanted rocks, dirts, sands and more into 'The Crusher' and turn it into mineral mix!

Mineral mix is like a currency for making metals, all crush-able items will make mineral mix and you can use it at The Reclaimer and with some energy, turn them directly into bars! This is not a cheat mod though, so these recipes are not cheap!

The better the quality of material used in the crusher, the more mineral mix you will get, as a general rule, the lower down you mined it from, the more mineral mix it will give!
Moon materials are generally worth more than standard ones, being harder to get and meteorite will give the most of any material!

Things you CAN'T crush: -Unique/dungeon blocks
- Crafted blocks (all bricks and packed dirt)
-Ores (to preserve balance)
-Anything thats not a mineral (plant blocks, snow/slush, ect.)

And finally, the crusher will only crush in stacks of 25, if it's not working, it cant be crushed or you haven't put enough in!

'The Seed Synthesizer' - Creates Unique new plants through combining old seeds and cellmateria.

Vilepod- Grows on the ceiling and will happily latch onto and grow on any material. Also the crop is animated!
A harvested Vilepod can be thrown and will explode into a cloud of toxic gas, it's rather unstable though and will explode not long after thrown (makes it useful for anti air!).
Land a direct hit on your target and the poor thing probably wont stand a chance! They take time to grow though, so use wisely!

Solshine- Solshine is like an organic light, it'll brighten up the area where it grows! You can also pick the Solshine fruit, which is a throwable lightsorce that will even work underwater!

TStech Tools
'PPEMT' - The 'Point Precision Energy Mining Tool', a very powerful mining tool that will take out most blocks in a single hit, but it can only hit a single block at once. Very helpful for very hard rocks such as obsidian and tough ores. Very slow compared to a drill or pickaxe against very weak blocks like dirt and sand.

The PPEMT runs on energy and has to be recharged with Condensed Energy Cells, two will take it from empty to full charge, it has 600 uses at full charge.

Compatibility and saves
This mod strives to leave as much untouched as possible, the mod will alter none of the original Starbound files, only adding new ones, as such there should be no comparability problems with any other mod unless they add an item with the same name or use iron bar smelting for something too.
Also you DON'T have to start a new game! :D

NEW for 1.7 - Installs using the new mod system, just take the 'TStechnologies' folder out of the zip and place it in the '/starbound/mods' folder and that should be it! Easy!

For upgrading from 1.6x to 1.7 you will need to delete the old assets/TStech folder before installing 1.7 into the 'mods' folder. Also use up and biofuel you have or it disappear!
All other machines and items should be fine.

Mp compatibility - Both you and the host must have the mod installed for it to function properly, if the host has it and a player does not, the player wont be able to see or use it, but should be able to play without crashing.

1.0 - Release
1.1 - Much easier installation
1.2 - Fuel value for biofuel was 10 instead of 15, fixed.
1.5 - New name and 2 new machines!
1.51 - Removed some unused assets, tweaked the mineral mix rates.
1.52 - Balance changes to Beaker (alien meat is now 2, Oculemon - 8 and biofuel worth 10 fuel) and balance to Reclaimer (slightly more expensive all round).
1.6 - Added 'Seed Synthesiser' and new crop 'Vilepod'
1.61- Added new crop 'Solshine', lowered seed synthesizer recipe cost, added reclaimable diamond.
1.62- Significantly improved The Beakers model and animation, changed biofuel value to 5 to be more in line with recent updates.
1.7- Item Energy system added, machine crafting system added.
-New crafting table-Engineering table, used to make all machines, machine components and energy items. All existing machines recipes have harder recipes.
-New machine, The Generator, creates 'energy cells' from fuels, can also 'transform' 100 energy cells into a condensed energy cell and a condensed energy cell into 100 energy cells.
-New energy based mining tool, the PPEMT (point precision energy mining tool), only hits a single block but will destroy most blocks in a single hit, repairs/recharges using condensed energy cells.
-Seed synthesizer and the reclaimer now require energy cells for crafting, amount of mineral mix required has also been decreased to compensate.
-Added new beaker recipes, 50 tar = tar fuel, can be used in generator but not ship. Also 100 slime or 50 plant matter blocks can now make 1 biofuel.
1.71 - Quick Bugfix for some Beaker recipes.
1.72 - Updated to v. Angry Koala
1.73 - Generator was using wood planks instead of unrefined wood, wasn't intentional.
1.74 - TS unlocker now made with 10 steel bars in furnace instead of 10 iron.
1.75 - Works with v. Furious Koala
1.76 - Works with v.Enraged Koala

Hope you enjoy! Post any problems or suggestions, I'll see what I can do!