• Upcoming maintenance: 10 July 2024

    On 10 July 2024 (tomorrow!) we will be performing scheduled maintenance which will mean the website and API will be unavailable for up to 4 hours. This is part of our preparations for enabling the searching of mod comments. The maintenance will start at 0900 (GMT+1), you can convert this to your local timezone here. 

    What is happening?

    We're preparing the site for the long-awaited mod comment search feature, which we know has been sorely missed since we upgraded...

  • Get To Know: Iluviel

    In addition to our modder spotlights and mod author interviews, we'll be starting a new series which we hope you'll all enjoy. As I mentioned in my introduction interview, we want to be more transparent and open with you all, and for you to get to know us all a little more. So we sat down and thought, what would be a great way to do this? To give a more personal insight into us as a company and the people who work here that make Nexus Mods what it is, whilst feeling more connected as a communit...

  • Monthly Roundup - June 2024

    Another month has flown by and with it comes our next monthly roundup for you all. This month it’s a little shorter as we’re still partway through our 3-week work cycle, but we wanted to update you on what we’ve accomplished in June.

    The Nexus Mods App Alpha Test
    A big one this month is the launch of the Nexus Mods app alpha test. We cannot stress enough how early stages the app is, and it currently only supports Stardew Valley. While we do have plans to support mor...

  • Calling Stardew Valley testers - Nexus Mods app

    Get ready, gamers! We're delighted to announce the alpha release of the Nexus Mods app - our next-generation mod manager. 

    This is a very early build with limited features and only supports Stardew Valley (more games are coming later), but it's the perfect time for pioneers like you to help shape its future. In this post, we'll give you a little update on the project and provide the juicy details on how you can join the alpha.

    Project update

    Over the la...

  • Introducing: SlugGirl

    Have you ever wanted to see what we’re up to as a community while scrolling through your Instagram feed? Hungry for some modding-themed TikToks on your fyp? We’ve got you covered! We’re excited to introduce you all to our new Content Manager, Sarah, a.k.a SlugGirl.

    So Sarah, what’s your story? How did you end up here at Nexus?

    Hey! Well, workwise, my background is mainly in social media management, but I’ve also worked as part of a digital marketin...

  • We're Hiring: Content Team

    Nexus Mods is looking to further develop our team by recruiting an experienced Content Creator and Videographer to join our new Content Team.

    Reporting to our Content Manager, these positions are based in our sunny offices in Exeter in the UK and you will need a right to work in the UK before you apply. As a business, we work a 4-day work week, with all staff on-site in our Exeter office.

    The important things you need to know are:

    To apply, you ...

  • Monthly Roundup - May 2024

    We want to get even better at being as transparent as possible about the work we're doing behind the scenes each month with you - our community. As part of our ongoing effort, I’ve been hired as our new Content Manager, more to follow on that in the future! My role is dedicated to enhancing our transparency and ensuring more open communication with you all. With this in mind, starting this month, we'll be sharing these news posts.

    As you know, we're hard at work on the new website ...

  • We're Hiring: Community Manager

    We're looking to bolster our ranks by recruiting an experienced Community Manager to help us better serve our community.

    You'll work alongside our existing Community Team in our sunny offices in Exeter, UK. As a business, we work a 4-day work week, with all staff on-site in our Exeter office. This hybrid role will require Wednesday and Thursday working in the office, and Friday and Saturday working from home.

    When recruiting for our Community Team, we prefer to hire from...

  • Donation Points are changing

    We're changing how we reward mod authors in our community through our Donation Points system. DP earned from April 2024 onwards will be calculated using a new algorithm intended to distribute the pool of points more fairly to mod authors who make great content for the community. While we get the details ironed out, you won't see the usual reports on your wallet page at the end of each month for a little while. Don't worry though, the system isn't going anywhere and we're still putting the same a...

  • Changes to Premium Billing

    The price of a premium subscription is increasing on 17 June 2024.
    We are required to start collecting taxes globally so you may have taxes added to your current subscription.
    We are moving to a different payment provider.
    We will offer billing in more local currencies.
    Existing Lifetime Premium memberships will be unaffected.

    Price increases

    We know that increasing prices is never an easy thing to talk about, and it’s something we try to ...

  • User Profile and Direct Messaging Improvements

    Many of you have been waiting patiently for the return of features that were removed with the community forum update. We committed to bringing back the “About Me” section and “Direct Messaging”. I’m happy to say that these features are back.

    This article spells out exactly what you can expect with the return of these features. It covers our new and improved process for rolling out new features to you, ensuring plenty of opportunities to add your feedback so we get things ri...

  • Recent Nexus Mods Site Issues

    What’s been going on recently with the Nexus Mods site?

    We are aware that over the last 7-9 days our website performance has been heavily degraded, with file download speeds being particularly slow.

    We know this has been incredibly frustrating for you and it’s frustrating for us as well. We have spent two weekends battling to keep the site running as best we can and will continue to work at all hours to try and ensure as smooth an experience as possible.


  • Mod Author Premium Rewards are here

    In our last article on this project, we covered the milestones that Mod Authors would need to achieve with their Unique Downloads (UDL). Now we are finally following up with what the system will look like and a bit more on how it's going to work. First, a bit of a refresher.

    What are we doing?

    We can now afford to give mod authors Free Premium. Yay! Mod authors will now be given Free Premium time as direct rewards for their contributions to the site without needing ...

  • Free Premium for Mod Authors

    We launched our Donation Points System in 2018 to give back to the mod authors on Nexus Mods who have given so much to all of us in our community. To date, we have paid out over $7 million USD to our mod authors via this system. The DP system allows authors to earn points which they could redeem for PayPal payouts, discounted games and, until recently, discounted Premium Memberships. These included Lifetime Premium Memberships, which is something we stopped selling back in 2021 for our nor...

  • 10 Billion Downloads

    A beast of monstrous proportions is approaching. We spotted it a while back, lumbering over the horizon. It has since picked up such momentum that its arrival is now upon us.

    The site will hit 10 billion file downloads today.

    This is an epic milestone for Nexus Mods and the modding community. To put this number into perspective:

    If every download were a footstep, you could walk to the moon 11 times (1), or walk The Seven Thousand Steps (2) to High Hroth...

  • An update on App development

    For the last 6 months, the new App Team have been working hard on laying the foundations for our next-generation mod manager - the Nexus Mods App. There isn't anything fancy to show just yet, but we'd like to share an update with you all on the technical choices and design decisions we've made so far.

    This video was originally streamed as part of C3: Community Creation Con on 2 Feb 2024, but in case you missed it (or simply weren't interested in a conference around Bethesda games) we...

  • Notifications System further updates

    This is a follow-up on yesterday's update to the Notifications System covered in our last news post. We want to address some of the pain points users will have experienced and what improvements we have made as a result of your feedback.

    The new system was sending notifications for new comments on tracked mods. This was an error and we switched this off but 300,000 notifications of this type were delivered. We cannot easily delete these and you will see these if you are logging in f...

  • Notifications System Improvements

    This post is a follow-up on the ongoing system changes we have been making to further improve our site performance and user experience.

    Once you’ve read through it, please feel free to leave your feedback, thoughts or suggestions. Any off-topic posts may be removed or moderated; if you’d like to make an unrelated suggestion please use our feedback board.

    What are we doing?

    We’re updating our notifications system so that it better handles our curre...

  • Introducing: The Porpoise and The King

    Today we're announcing some new additions to the Community Team. You may have seen their names here and there on the website already but I hope you will join me in giving a warm welcome to Amber (spamPorpoise) and Charlie (JustThatKing). Charlie is joining us as a Community Manager and Amber is taking on our newly created role of Customer Support Specialist. Here's a little Q&A we put together for the occasion.

    Welcome, Amber and Charlie. Why don’t you both tell us a bit about...

  • Moving your Site Preferences

    Update 9 Jan 2023

    This change is now live for all users. You can view the new preferences section here.

    As part of our ongoing work to update the Nexus Mods website and services, we will be making some changes to separate the “site preferences” and “content” pages that can be found under “My Nexus Account”. This is the first step in our efforts to consolidate the various places around the website where you can change different account preferenc...