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Enhances your existing textures without performance loss

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While greatly enhancing close distance and close-up detail of your textures on many objects, the general look of your texture on these objects will be altered (watch videos to understand exactly what I mean), so if you are not bothered by close distance and close-up detail of textures and you like how your medium-distance and distant objects look then this mod will not be of any help to you, but if you are annoyed by the constant smudged textures you see when you walk too close to objects, then this mod will be very helpful.

Basic information:

This mod will increase texture quality for all your existing textures and any other new textures that you will download in the future, for objects that I edited.  Your textures will remain the same, but their pattern will appear smaller (that's how we get extra close-up detail from them). And if you don't like the look of your old texture for a particular object with a smaller pattern after installing ETD, you can just install a new texture (as you normally would, no extra work needed) for that object that has a larger image pattern to begin with, so even if the pattern is made smaller by ETD, they'll still look good for you, but also have an enhanced close-distance detail.

While I have edited alot of objects (1085 so far), it does not increase texture detail on absolutely everything yet, to find out which objects I edited so far, read this information in the installer window.

This mod doesn't require you to do anything special for the most part, just download it and install supplied files.
This mod does not contain any .esp files and there are no scripts, this mod only provides meshes and textures. This data is not stored in your save games, so it will never corrupt your save game and this also means that this mod can be fully or partially installed/uninstalled freely at any point in your game with 0 problems.  

And because we are using the same texture and only really changing the method of how this preloaded texture is applied onto an object mesh, even after increasing the resolution and detail of your texture, your performance will not be affected in any way.

That's all you need to know to start using it, but you can

Read below for 

More information and some of the known drawbacks of this method:




More detailed information is provided in the first sticky post in the comments section.


Renthal311 for allowing me to use his woven fence meshes as part of my farmhouses enhancements.
Langley02 for providing grave textures for Windhelm graveyard.
Cabal120 for providing a stonewall texture.

You are free to use any of my work in your mods, it'd be nice to get credited if you do, but whatever, as long as your work benefits our community i'm happy.