Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Now with many monsters from the DLCs! This Mod transforms the Wilderness into a Battle Arena. Tough variants of creatures, with new looks and abilities, are made to make high-level players fight to survive. With randomly selected weapons, enemies are always slightly different. With optional Combat Guide and less spawns versions.

Permissions and credits
More Dangerous Enemies SE - Version 3.2

This Mod transforms the Wilderness into an intense Battle Arena. Variants of
some less common creatures, given new looks and abilities, along with many
new high-level monsters, are designed to make players use all their survival
strategies to live to see another day. With optional Combat Guide, and 50%
less spawns, 75% less spawns, and 75% less spawns w/no Netherworld Anomalies

Starting with version 3.0, this Mod will have NPCs from the Dawnguard and
Dragonborn DLCs. The DLC monsters are:
Ancient Frost Atronachs, Armored Trolls and Frost Trolls, Ash Guardians,
Ash Hoppers, Ash Spawn Immolators, Burnt and Earth Mother Spriggans, Chaurus
Hunters and Hunter Fledglings, Death Hounds, Dwarven Ballista Masters and
Forgemasters, Frost Giants, Gargoyle Brutes and Sentinels, High Seekers,
Hulking Draugr, Keepers, Lurker Vindicators, Reapers, Vale Sabre Cats,
Werebears, and Albino, Fire-Cloaked, Frost-Cloaked, Poison-Cloaked,
Shock-Cloaked, and Oil Spiders.

Many of the weapons, bows, arrows, and spells are randomly selected from
leveled lists, making for a very large variety of enemies. A certain type of
monster may not seem to be hurting the player very much in one encounter, but
the next time, slices off nearly half of the health bar with one hit! Every
confrontation will be different.

Many of the enemies Skyrim has to offer are randomly generated by the game out
in the wilderness areas. This mod adds some that are used only in a quest, or
only in one location, or just very rarely, most with modifications that change
their look and/or strength. Also added are varieties of enemies that aren't in
Vanilla Skyrim, created using only the resources provided by the game. Most of
the usual creatures and enemies seen in the wild will still be encountered, but
substitutions will occur as the Random Spawn Lists have been changed. There will
be Anomalies, Assassins, Demons, Firecats, Ghosts, Hags, Mages, Mechs, Phantasms,
Priests, Rats, Shades, Shadows, Shamans, Skeletons, Sorcerers, Spectres, Spiders,
Spriggans, Trolls, Werewolves, Wisps, Wizards, Wolves, Wraith, etc.

Strange, one-way Anomalies from the Netherworld have appeared all over the
Skyrim Wilderness, unleashing floods of horrible monsters. Ghostly Lost,
Afflicted, Corrupted, and Damned Souls have been seen. Hydra's Tooth and
Boneman Skeletons, and Frost, Fire, and Storm Skeleton Mages are attacking.
There have been reports of Dragon Priests, Shadow Priests, and Hell Priests
terrorizing the countryside, including Ghosts of Frost Dragon Priests. Shamans,
Soulbringers and Shade Masters are conjuring minions from the Netherworld,
and Ancient Druid Sorcerers have appeared, summoning Hydra's Tooth Skeletons
to do their evil bidding. An army of Stealth Assassins with Invisibility
Cloaks have been sent out to hunt down the Dragonborn. The haunting, far-off
sound of a Demon Knight Shout means some living creature is being quickly
drained of health or an Undead one more slowly. Crawling, rolling, and
stomping Mechs are swarming over the landscape. Eerie Phantasms are
wandering around, searching for unwary Adventurers. Alpha Werewolves, Big
Bad Wolves, Boss Hags, Deathly Shades, Firecats, Giant Frostbite Spiders,
Headless Hag Spectres, King Rats, Master Wraith, Mournful Shades, Spriggan
Elders, Uber Trolls, and Wispmother Superiors are also wreaking havok. And
huge, otherworldly Shade Wizards are roaming about, conjuring Undead Spiders
and looking for victims.

This mod is designed for those with very high-level characters who have
tired of questing and want to play Skyrim much like a first or third-person
shooter with elements of an arena shooter, using the whole Skyrim Wilderness
for the arena.

Most of the added enemies are level 40 or 50 and the Headless Hag Spectre,
Demon Knight, Metallica, and Red Skulleton  are level 60. The Shade Wizard is
level 75, but since he has no friends or allies other than the reanimated
corpses and Undead Spiders he summons, all other denizens of Skyrim will
attack him(except the level 75 Netherworld Anomaly) As no effort has been
made to level-balance the appearance of these tough cookies, and because
enemies will sometimes ambush you with no Skyrim music to warn you, you'll
need to have a really buffed-up character and be constantly on your toes if
you intend to go adventuring in the wilds!

Also, it is a good idea to keep a few saved games from before mods that
massively alter the game are activated as it is a known problem that they can
be corrupted in various ways. When starting to play a mod like this, it is
safest to use one of these "clean" saves to begin with. And as long as the mod
list is not significantly changed, games can be saved and loaded without any

Hope you have fun with it!


Extract MoreDangerousEnemiesSE3_2.7z to your Skyrim SE install directory.
Note: If you have a previous version of More Dangerous Enemies SE installed,
those files will be overwritten by this extraction.

The MoreDangerousEnemiesSE.txt file will extract to the Skyrim SE install directory.
The MoreDangerousEnemiesSE.esp file will extract to the <installdir>/Data

Upon starting Skyrim SE, ensure that the MoreDangerousEnemiesSE.esp is active. It
shouldn't matter where it loads unless there is another active mod that alters
the random spawn lists for the Skyrim Wilderness.


Version 3.2

- Made several settings changes to the DLC2 Spiders, one of which fixes what was keeping the
 "Frost Cloaked" Spider from being in the Mod at all. (DLC version only)

- Due to a problem where the Mace would not be used properly, it will no longer be randomly
  generated in Tazer's Inventory.

- Since more wild Havok reactions to "Force Pulling" a paralyzed opponent have been seen,
  the "Force Pull" and "Force Push" Spells will now not work on a paralyzed opponent.

- All the NPCs added by this Mod that can be staggered will now resist it about half the time.

- It is possible that the problem of an Mod NPC spawning without their colorful "Shader" may
  be almost completely fixed. The Shader could still be "knocked off" by some other magic
  effect hitting them and temporarily replacing the shader, and some odd "placement" where and
  when they spawn could still result in sometimes one of them being seen without the shader,
  but these occurences should now happen significantly less often.

- Some of this Mod's NPCs now will occassionally wield "Spectral" Weapons. These weapons do
  damage when they hit, as normal, but they also may stagger and/or drain one or more of the
  target's Health, Magicka or Stamina. They are referred to as "Soul Reaver" Weapons, can be
  looted from defeated enemies. And there will now be 4 new Spectral Arrow varieties; Exploding
  Fire, Frost, and Shock arrows, and 1 non-exploding. They can be picked up and used with any
  bow, and the weapons and arrows will not dissipate away. Also, several NPC Shaders were
  changed to not apply the effect to the weapons, so that the Spectral ones could be seen
  properly. The Spectral Soul Reaver Battleaxe and Sword may not be seen when sheathed, but
  the Bow and Spectral Arrows will be seen on the backs of their wielders. When wielded by a
  denizen of the Netherworld, these weapons will be covered by an unearthly blue fire, as
  Bound Weapons are, but after being looted and wielded by the Dragonborn, there will be no
  blue fire, however the still-powerful Spectral Netherworld Enchantment keeping the weapon
  in existence can be seen flowing through it. And the Player will hear otherworldly screams
  and sounds as the weapon drains its targets. As the bow already has an impressive set of
  Enchantments, it will put a magical "damper" on some of the Marksman Perks. Affected Perks
  include "Trick Shot" and "Bullseye". However, as the beginning bow damage is significantly
  higher than other bows, its built-in sneak attacks and critical hits will do more damage.

- Now the Random Inventory Arrows given to this Mod's Archers, both Netherworld Creatures and
  non-Netherworld Archers (Stealth Assassins), will include a chance for the new Spectral
  Arrows described above, as well as two inadvertently left out previously, the "Nord Hero"
  Arrows and the "Dwarven" Arrows, and also the rarely seen and not really playable before
  now, "Dwarven Sphere Centurian" Arrows.

- The Invisibility Potions have been removed from the Reaper's Inventory, and the death visual
  was changed slightly to fix a bug introduced by this Mod that would show a weird, stretchy
  effect. (DLC version only)

Version 3.1

- Now, only the Mod NPCs that can wield a staff will have a small chance that the "Greater
  Staff of Magnus" will be in their inventory. There is a somewhat greater chance that, if
  they get a staff, it will be one of a select few of the vanilla game's staffs.
  And to allow them to actually use the staff, all Right-Handed Spells(except Conjure Spells)
  have been changed to Left-Handed(Ghost Dragon Priest, Hell Priest, and Soulbringers).

- Adds as loot the Spell Tome "Drain Attack", which is a Concentration Spell that absorbs 30
  points of Health per second from living targets and half that from Undead or Mechanical
  targets, more if Dual-Wielded, less if the target can resist magic.

- The Ash Hopper NPC from the Dragonborn DLC has been "buffed" to increase it's
  survivability amongst all this Mod's other extremely tough entities. It's size has been
  increased and it is now more resistant to incoming damage, both from weapons and from
  magic. And the spawn rate has been increased slightly. (DLC version only)

- Fixes the inability to "pick up" Dragonbone arrows fired by this Mod's version of the
  Soul Cairn Keeper. (DLC version only)

- The Spriggan Earth Mother and the Burnt Spriggan from the DLC-Required Version and the
  Spriggan Elder from both Versions now are all the same Factions.

- Reworked the Actor Inventories so that the type of Potions, etc. that they have more
  matches with what type of character they are.

- Hopefully have now eliminated the shooting-quickly-up-into-space problem that some NPCs
  with more than two legs might exhibit under certain rare conditions.

Version 3.0

- Added many new NPCs from the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs, making a few Stats changes
  to help integrate the new NPCs into the Mod, including giving the Ash Spawn Immolator
  both his Firebolt Spell and his War Axe and giving the new DLC2 Spiders the "Spider
  Spit" Spell and increasing their size somewhat.

- Created a new death effect for the High Seeker.

- Netherworld Anomaly Spawn Rates adjusted slightly.

Version 2.9

- Increases the "Healing" Health Regeneration Rate and the "Ebonyflesh" Armor Duration of the
  "Ebonyflesh Healing" Spell added in Version 2.8. The Stamina Regeneration Rate is unchanged.

Version 2.8

- Give all of this Mod's Archers the possibility of a bow with the same strength as the "06"
  Level of the Enchanted Daedric Bows, with a 25 percent faster draw speed and an increased
  value. The Soul, Shade, and Boneman Archers have a small chance to have one, and the Stealth
  Assassins have a higher chance to get the one that matches their Elemental Ability (Flame=
  The Flash Fire, Frost=Freezing Cold, and Shock=The Lightning Bolt).

- Adds the "Greater Staff of Magnus" to the loot of some of this Mod's enemies that needs no
  enchantment refreshing and absorbs 50 points of Magicka per second from the target, rather
  than 20, and 50 points of Health per second if the target is out of Magicka, rather than 20.

- Adds as loot the "Candlelight-X5" Spell Tome, which illuminates five times longer.

- Adds as loot the "Ebonyflesh Healing" Spell Tome, which works the same as the Vanilla
  "Healing" Spell, but casts "Ebonyflesh" as well. Required is "Restoration Novice" for
  "Healing" and "Alteration Expert" for "Ebonyflesh". This Combo allows a "Quick-Key"
  assignment to be freed up for something else.

- Adds as loot the Spell Tome "Nightingale Strife", which is the "only once a day" Power
  converted to a Spell. It instantly absorbs 100 points of Health from the target, more if

- Adds as loot the Spell Tome "Turn Powerful Undead", which makes Undead up to Level 50 flee
  for 15 seconds.

- Reduces somewhat the number of lootable Potions on defeated NPCs.

- Reworked some Property Pages for various Mod NPCs to try to reduce the frequency of their
  getting their colorful Membrane Shaders temporarily removed.

- Because the Alpha Werewolf is very glitchy when it comes to dying while paralyzed, he will
  now disintegrate. Most of the time, he could be reanimated with no problems, but sometimes
  he couldn't be "knocked out" of the Walking-In-Place animation, and if he died in water
  while paralyzed, he couldn't be pulled out of the water either. If he is not paralyzed when
  he dies, there probably won't be any problem reanimating him.

- Changed the Projectile for the Headless hag Spectre's Melee Attack to differentiate it from
  the Magnus Staff Weapons.

Version 2.7

- Adds 2 new "Mech" NPCs; the highest level Dwemer Sphere("Rolling Thunder"), and the
  highest level Centurian("Metallica"), adding a "Mech" Faction, which also includes the
  Replicators. One Metallica spawns 1 or more Rolling Thunders at 100% Health, and another
  spawns multiple Replicators at 100% and then again at 50%.

- Adds a new Skeleton Faction NPC, "Red Skulleton" - A red, ghoulish Skeleton, wielding
  Flame-Related Shout, Weapons, and Spells. It even appears that Runes are moving across
  his flaming body.

- Some minor adjustments have been made to Inventory, Spawn Rates, Abilities, Levels, etc.
  to improve Gameplay. for instance, there is now a higher possibility that a Vanilla-Game
  Battlemage will spawn.

- Since it appears that the Force Powers in this Mod have a much higher probability that
  the effects will glitch and freeze the Alpha Werewolf, he is now immune to them.

- The check to not reanimate if the Actor has the "MagicNoReanimate" Keyword has been
  taken out of the "Reanimate the Dead up to Level 50" Spell. Now, Skeletons, Horses,
  and various other denizens of Skyrim that would "Resist" before, can now be reanimated
  to fight by your side.

- A fix for a game bug that could occur if a paralyzed Actor is thrown by the "Force Pull"
  Spell has been added. Now, the paralyzed Actor cannot be "grabbed" until the Paralysis
  is over. What might have happened before was that the Actor could have been thrown wildly
  around in the air, and may also have frozen there, unable to move or be killed.

- The "Force Push" Spell has been slightly modified, as it wasn't working quite as intended.
  And since the changes were made, it has been noticed that Dual-Wielding the Spell actually
  has two settings. If both hands are charged at the same exact time, the power of the Spell
  is certainly greater than One-Handed, but is *less* powerful and uses slightly *more*
  Magicka than charging first one hand, then after a slight delay, charging the second hand.
  So, at the cost of less than a second of charge time, the power of the Dual-Wielded Spell
  is noticably greater, and uses less Magicka!

- The "Reanimate the Dead Up To Level 50" Spell has been slightly changed to fix the "Release"
  and "Draw/Sheath" sounds sometimes being muted.

- Some minor changes to a few of the unique spells created for this Mod's NPCs greatly improves
  their responsiveness in battle. Before they would sometimes just stay in the same spot not
  fighting and even taking damage without responding.

- For some odd reason, the "On Hit" sound for the Phantasm's Ice Ball Shout was playing twice,
  so it has been removed.

- The Gameplay Settings listed below were changed to try to fix some of the defeated
  characters disappearing right after death, with no bodies, piles, cores, bones, or parts.
  After incorporating them into the Testing Mod, the problem has been seen, but very rarely.

  iRemoveExcessDeadComplexCount  - Changed from 3 to 25
  iRemoveExcessDeadComplexTotalActorCount - Changed from 20 to 100
  iRemoveExcessDeadCount  - Changed from 15 to 75
  iRemoveExcessDeadTotalActorCount - Changed from 20 to 100
  fCheckDeadBodyTimer - Changed from 20 to 120
  fRemoveExcessComplexDeadTime - Changed from 2.5 to 200
  fRemoveExcessDeadTime - Changed from 10 to 300

- And the following 2 Gameplay Settings were changed to help combat the "Floating NPC"
  bug and the bug where NPCs just stand and do nothing, even when getting hit in combat,
  also called the "Script Lag" bug. These seem to have a higher likelyhood of occurring
  in Mods that add large numbers of "Actors".

  iAINumberActorsComplexScene - Changed from 20 to 100
  iNumberActorsInCombatPlayer - Changed from 20 to 80

Version 2.6

- Adds two new Expert Destruction Spells called "Force Push" and "Force Pull". There are
  other Mods out there that do similar things to these, but I have not seen any that are
  *very* like them.
  "Force Push" is similar to the third Level of the "Unrelenting Force" Shout. It "pushes"
  farther, does more damage, and takes more Magicka if Dual-Cast.
  "Force Pull" combines and modifies the "Telekinesis" and "Grab Actor" Archetypes with
  thrown objects actually doing significant damage. Dual-Cast takes more Magicka per
  second and deals more damage. The Spell also "Pulls" Actors, but only "Throws" them a
  few feet if just holding them in front of you and then releasing the Spell. The real fun
  is figuring out what neat tricks you *can* do that will cause environmental damage to
  the Actor you are tossing around, including sometimes taking their entire health bar.
  As far as I can tell, the only thing the "Grab Actor" Archetype is used for is the
  "Vampiric Grip" in the "Dawnguard" DLC. If the following Global Gameplay Settings
  Changes are unacceptable, then don't use "Force Pull".

  fMagicGrabActorMinDistance - changed from 90 to 250("Dawnguard" sets it to 120)
  fMagicGrabActorThrowForce  - changed from 25 to 10("Dawnguard" sets it to 15)

  Unlike "Vampiric Grip", "Force Pull" will work if God Mode is enabled. Some strange
  things have been noticed in Gameplay when using "Force Pull", but "Vampiric Grip"
  does the same things. Because it's so darn much fun(even though it may be kind of
  overpowered), I'm still going to include it for your enjoyment. It was noticed that
  if the victim "dies" from the action of "Force Pull", then an attempt to Reanimate
  them is done, if they don't disintegrate, they may exhibit the same "walking in
  place" bug that occurs when dying under Paralysis, or they may just stand still.
  And it has been noticed that a victim of "Force Pull" may just freeze in place,
  even if in the air, and then cannot be killed. And if "Force Pull is used on a
  paralyzed Actor and the Actor "tumbles" a lot after being tossed, it may just go
  absolutely crazy and fly all over the place. When the paralyze effect finally
  wears off, the Actor will behave normally. Because the Reanimated Dead being
  available to reanimated again about 25% of the time with the "Reanimate the Dead
  Up To Level 50" Spell introduced in version 2.5 of this Mod seemed to increase the
  number of times glitches would occur on reanimating a monster that died from the
  effects of "Force Pull", that has been taken out. Many of this Mod's NPCs will
  sometimes have one or both Spells to be looted.

Version 2.5

- Fixed a bug that the Netherworld Anomaly's Cloak/Drain Attack was not turning the victim

- Fixed a bug that kept the Stealth Assassin Cloak visible after death.

- Put more Potions in the Phantasm's Inventory.

- Did a little tweaking to the spawn rates of some of the monsters.

- Made all of the Mod's conjured monsters immune to paralysis.

- Removed the "Waterwalking" Ability from the Netherworld Anomaly.

- Made further changes to try and keep an NPCs "Body Effect" from being temporarily or
  permanently knocked off of them (which happens in Vanilla Skyrim, as well).

- Added new NPCs "Tazer and the Firecat"(Necromancer/Daedra). Tazer is a modified
  female Falmer Shaman Shadowcaster that has a Thunderbolt Spell, a random most
  powerful Daedra Shock weapon and can resurrect the dead and steal Daedra like the
  Shade Master. The Firecat is a partially transparent Snowy Sabre Cat that has a
  ghostly pelt w/a blue fire/electrical visual, a damaging Cloak(target turns blue),
  and explodes on death.

- Created two new Spell Tomes: "Command Multiple Creatures" and "Reanimate the Dead Up
  To Level 50", which many of the Mod's NPCs will sometimes have to be looted.
  1) "Command Multiple Creatures" is a Perk that, once learned, up to five Daedra and/or
  Reanimated Dead can be controlled by the Player. To keep the Vanilla game's "Twin Souls"
  Perk from interfering with this new Perk, a Condition was added to "Twin Souls" so it
  won't activate if the Player has the new "Command Multiple Creatures" Perk. This should
  have no effect on the operation of "Twin Souls" unless there is another Mod that modifies
  2) "Reanimate the Dead Up To Level 50" is a Spell that, once learned(requires Conjuration
  Expert Skill), allows the Player to reanimate the Dead up to Level 50 with either hand(for
  30 seconds), or both hands(for 60 seconds), and will not have the restriction of only
  working on "people". This includes the scattered bones of this Mod's Skeletons and the
  pieces of its destroyed Replicators. Of course, it will not work on any "Actors" that have
  been flagged to not allow reanimation and all Perks that affect Duration and up to what
  Level of the Dead that can be raised will still apply. When you look at the Spell Tome, it
  will say you can raise the Dead up to Level 50 even though you may be able to raise ones
  that are higher than Level 50, but it will display the correct duration for the one-handed
  Spell, so the Tome may display a higher value than 30 seconds. To make using this Spell
  more fun, about 25% of the time, the Thrall will not disintegrate upon being killed, so
  will be available to be reanimated again. It was noticed that two of this Mod's monsters
  that are supposed to have Magic Spells, do not use them when they are Reanimated Thralls,
  the Boss Hag and the Replicator. I believe it's because the "Spells" box on the "Combat"
  tab of the "Race" Property Page is not clicked on the Vanilla Races that these two are
  created from. All others that have this clicked do use their Spells when reanimated. As
  they will still take the heat off you in combat, I have not made them immune to Reanimation.
  Note: The following are known Vanilla Skyrim Reanimation bugs:
  Reanimating the corpse of an enemy killed while under the effects of paralysis will cause
  the resulting Thrall to remain on the spot, unable to move, sometimes walking in place.
  The fix: Open the console and target your Thrall; you should see their RefID. Do not click
  on anything else. Issue the command "moveto player". Your Thrall should now stand next to
  you, and will move normally. Another bug that may happen is that the reanimating Thrall
  immediately dies on reanimation by a non-Player NPC. Changes were made to this Spell that
  seem to have fixed, or at least, greatly reduced the frequency of this bug, as it has not
  been seen in Gameplay since. And sometimes, other dead bodies that are the same kind as one
  that just got hit with a Reanimation Spell, may just disappear off the ground. Also sometimes,
  reanimation spells may "fail", no "Resisted" message, they just won't rise. If any of these
  bugs are seen, please don't blame this new Spell. :-)

Version 2.4

- A change was made to the Replicator NPC to try and stop a strange bug where several
  Replicators (and possibly another NPC as well, if it was among the group of Replicators)
  would suddenly fly towards the Player at the same time. Before the change, the bug would
  sometimes be seen, but not once after, so it appears to be fixed.

- Found and fixed a bug in the 100% Spawns version that created several odd "breaks" of land
  in the rivers of the Skyrim Wilderness. This was related to the "Water Seams" bug fixed in
  version 2.2.

Version 2.3

- Reduced the Replicator's likelyhood of a ridiculous number of "replicated" Replicators,
  but a large number of them is still possible. This is also an attempt to combat the SE
  "floating NPC" bug, which was sometimes seen on Wispmother Superiors and many cloned
  Mournful Shades, and on Replicators, before they were changed so that there would not be
  so many NPCs in the same area.

- Added a new NPC, the "Phantasm". A faint, wispy, gliding Skeleton with Frost Attacks and a
  powerful One-Handed Daedric or Ebony Frost weapon.

Version 2.2

- Added a new Invisibility Ability that lasts a short time with no visible or audible cues
  except a "fade out" and "fade in" for the Stealth Assassins. When they have taken some
  variable amount of damage, they will first "lose" their colored cloaks, then will fade out
  completely for a short time, then fade back in.

- Fixed a bug in the 100% Spawns version that would create "seams" in the  waterways in many
  Skyrim locations. The script used to do this is unblest's "_fix waterflow for Oldrim mods".
  The script's Mod address is

Version 2.1

- Fixed a bug where the "Command Daedra" Spell, when used by added NPCs that could "steal"
  Daedra from other conjurers, would destroy the Daedra rather than controlling it. Although
  this bug was only seen in Skyrim SE with the Unofficial Skyrim SE Patch version 4.1.1 loaded,
  this fix is also in the "Oldrim" version of this Mod, hopefully covering all possible
  configurations where the bug might occur.

- Fixed the bugs that kept the Ancient Druid Sorcerer, Shade Master, and Lost Soulbringer from
  using the "Command Daedra" Spell.

- Although it was never noticed in gameplay, took the "Command Daedra" Spell away from the
  Wispmother Superior.

- Added a new NPC, the Replicator. A Spider Mech that replicates exact copies of itself
  in battle.

Version 2.0

- Changed the Hell Priest Fireball and Demon Knight Ethereal Fireball Damage Effects
  to be more visible and cooler-looking.

Version 1.9

- Found and fixed what was stopping some summoned monsters not using certain wielded
  weapons or shouts if both the Dragonborn and Dawnguard DLCs were loaded.

Version 1.8

- One small change that doesn't affect the gameplay mainly just to keep this Old Skyrim
  version number the same as MoreDangerousEnemiesSE for Skyrim SE.

Version 1.7

- Fixed problem of there often being no sound on arrow hit on Ghost Dragon Priest, Wisp,
  and Master Wraith.
- Made Shade Wizard-Summoned Undead Spiders controllable with the "Command Daedra" Spell.
- Shade Master now uses a wider range of spells.
- Assigned new cool-looking projectiles to both Demon Knights.
- Unsummoned versions of the Undead Spider and Wisp are now spawned.
- Reduced the Wispmother Superior's likelyhood of a ridiculous number of "cloned"
  Mournful Shades, but a large number of them is still possible.
- When most of the Mod's added NPCs are not in combat or on combat alert, they may move
  around as if they are looking for a fight.
- Renamed the Skeleton Mages to "Fire, Frost, and Storm Skeleton Mage".
- Renamed the Soulbringers to "Afflicted, Damned, and Lost Soulbringer".
- Renamed the Stealth Assassins to "Flame, Frost, and Shock Stealth Assassin".
- Renamed the Giant Spider with the white highlighting to "Giant Snow Frostbite Spider".
- Added lots of combat-useful Potions to all regular and summoned NPCs. The most
  "visible" (ha ha) and most often used of these "seen" in combat will be the
  Invisibility Potion. Some NPCs are extremely hard to see when using the potion and
  some turn different cool, "ethereal" colors.
- Added a new NPC, the "Netherworld Anomaly". A "Rift" from which appears one, and often
  many, random permanent monster(s) except Stealth Assassins, and several at once if
  Undead Spider or Wisp. It has a Damaging Cloak/Drain Spell(turns victim purple), a
  "Netherworld Reaver" Spell(hits Stamina and Magicka, slows target's speed temporarily,
  and turns enemy blue), moves very slowly, disallows critical hits and staggers, enemy
  to Player and all non-Undead or Supernatural humanoids, has inventory of just Soul
  Gems(and possibly some of the arrows that have hit it), weakness to magic, regens
  health in combat, incoming damage reduces considerably when outside its
  "detect-and-attack" range and also, more monsters are likely to appear when hit from
  beyond that range.

Version 1.6

- Fixed the problem of not hearing a sound when a Wispmother Superior,
  Mournful Shade or Summoned Mournful Shade gets hit by an arrow.

Version 1.5

- Added new NPCs Deathly Shade(2 variants), Shade Master, Alpha Werewolf,
  Demon Knight(2 variants), Summoned Wisp, and Stealth Assassin(3 variants).
- Added 2 new variants of the Shade Wizard with different Shouts and Spells.
- Sometimes the Player will be ambushed with a random added NPC(or more) with
  no warning music.
- Reworked the Factions, Packages and AI Data so that the added NPCs will more
  often choose to fight the Player when other possible opponents are nearby
  than they did before, combatants will more often run away from, then rejoin
  the fighting than they did before, and Stealth Assassins may completely
  avoid being drawn into fights and, if they have caught a glimpse of the
  Player, begin stalking him or her.
- Increased the resistance of most added NPCs to damage from wielded weapons,
  including bows. Resistance to Magic is about the same.
- Increased the variety and strength of the one and two-handed weapons.
- Increased the variety and strength of the bows and arrows.
- Increased the movement speed and the resistance to fire of the Uber Troll.
- Gave the King Rat the ability to Regen Health in combat.
- Increased the size of the Undead Spider slightly.
- Increased the strength levels(Health, Magicka, Stamina, Skills, Perks, etc.)
  of several characters, including the Hell Priest, the Giant Frostbite Spider,
  the Boneman, the Mournful Shade, the Wispmother Superior, and the Shade Wizard.
- Decreased the strength of all added Summoned NPCs except Undead Spiders.
- Changed the Afflicted Soulbringer Spells to match the Afflicted Soul Poison Attack.
- Gave the Damned Soulbringer the Fireball Spell instead of Firebolt.
- Gave all the non-summoned Souls some "Brief Invisibility" Potions.
- Made the ghostly Souls slightly less transparent.
- Enhanced the Corruption Effect on the Corrupted Souls.
- Made more of the added NPCs vulnerable to being paralyzed.
- Conjurers can now "steal" the summoned Daedra of other Conjurers. The Demon Knight
  can also do this even though he does not conjure his own.
- The Shade Wizard and Shade Master can re-animate dead bodies up to Level 50 for
  30 seconds, including the scattered bones of Skeletons.
- The Wispmother Superior now summons Mournful Shades rather than regular Shades.
- The Mournful Shade now summons Wisps.
- The Ghost Dragon Priest now summons a Master Wraith rather than a Frost Atronach.
- Fixed the problem of the Ghost Dragon Priest not using the Conjure Spell.
- Removed the two little red dots showing on the ground underneath the Soulbringers
  and reinstated the red highlights on the Damned Soulbringer.
- Hopefully completely fixed the problem of sometimes not hearing a sound when an
  added NPC gets hit by an arrow.
- Fixed the problem of some added NPCs not coming out of being paralyzed.
- Removed the annoying "hissing" noise the Undead Spiders were making.

Version 1.4

- Added Ancient Druid Sorcerer, Headless Hag Spectre, Summoned Hydra's Tooth
  Skeleton(2 variants), and Hydra's Tooth Skeleton(two-handed melee) NPCs.
- Disallowed any added NPCs going to one knee when health is very low.
- Changed Hell Priest attacks to more "red-themed".
- Removed Wild Mammoth from the altered random spawn lists.
- Doubled enemy spawns by placing duplicates of the game's Leveled Actor List
  entries in the Wilderness World Space Cells using the exact same spawn points.
  This should not interfere with any mod that places objects in the World Space,
  unless they use the same spawn points the game uses for the Leveled Actors.
- Made some Faction changes so that there would be more "teaming up" rather
  than nearly everyone fighting everyone else.

Version 1.3

- I believe I have finally stamped out a nasty bug that would get into saved
  games, resulting in sometimes spawning NPCs frozen in a standing pose.
  This was caused by modifying the following "Leveled Character" lists:
  LCharAmbientCreatures, LCharAmbientCreaturesSnow, LCharAnimalCanyonPredator,
  LCharAnimalCanyonPrey, LCharAnimalCoastSnowPredator, LCharAnimalCoastSnowPrey,
  LCharAnimalForest, LCharAnimalForestPredator, LCharAnimalForestPrey,
  LCharAnimalForestSnowPredator, LCharAnimalHills, LCharAnimalMarshPredator,
  LCharAnimalMarshPrey, LCharAnimalMountainSnowPredator, LCharAnimalMountainSnowPrey,
  LCharAnimalPlains, LCharAnimalPlainsPredator, LCharAnimalPlainsPrey,
  LCharAnimalSnowFields, LCharDeer, and LCharMudcrab. Instead of modifying
  these entries, the following entries were modified: LvlAmbientCreatures,
  LvlAmbientCreaturesSnow, LvlAnimalCanyonPredator, LvlAnimalCanyonPrey,
  LvlAnimalCoastSnowPredator, LvlAnimalForestPredator, LvlAnimalForestPrey,
  LvlAnimalForestSnowPredator, LvlAnimalHillsPredator, LvlAnimalMarshPredator,
  LvlAnimalMarshPrey, LvlAnimalMountainSnowPredator, LvlAnimalMountainSnowPrey,
  LvlAnimalPlainsPredator, LvlAnimalPlainsPrey, LvlAnimalSnowFields, LvlDeer,
  and LvlMudcrab.

Version 1.2

- Nearly eliminated or masked the most noticable occurrences of a visual
  effect being temporarily knocked off of some of the added NPCs when they
  are hit by magic. The Boneman has this masked by a new "being hit" visual
- Other changes to Boneman: added bow to inventory; eye effect much more red;
  leaves bones when he dies.
- Took away eye glow for Storm Skeleton Mage and gave Fire Skeleton Mage
  red glowing eyes. Frost Skeleton Mage eyes unchanged.
- Made Afflicted Soul's swirly green effect constantly damaging.
- Made Afflicted, Damned, Corrupted, and Lost Souls more transparent.
- Made Ghost Dragon Priest more transparent.
- Increased occurrences of some enemies by substituting them for some Mudcrabs
  and Deer. This was done by modifying the following "Leveled Character"
  lists: LCharMudcrab and LCharDeer.
- Changed the name of the "Dragon's Tooth" Skeleton to "Hydra's Tooth".
- Modified "Leveled Lists" LvlAmbientCreatures and LvlAmbientCreaturesSnow to
  eliminate an overabundance of Fox and Snow Fox spawns.
- Gave Shadow Priests more "shadow".

Version 1.1

- Added Big Bad Wolf, Boneman, Hell Priest, King Rat, Soulbringer(3 variants),
  Uber Troll, and Undead Spider NPCs.
- Improved loot drops of dead enemies.
- Eliminated need for the FXSkeletonNecroShadeWizardScriptSW.pex script from
  Version 1.0.
- Made changes to get some NPCs to use all of their spells.
- Fixed a visual effect sometimes getting permanently knocked off an NPC when
  he is hit.
- Fixed a few incorrect "More Dangerous Enemies" NPC death effects, like Ghosts
  leaving bodies or Ash Piles, or an NPC leaving two Ash Piles.
- Modified the following game settings to increase spawns:
  iHoursToClearCorpses - Set to 8(was 24), iHoursToRespawnCell - Set to 8
  (was 240), iHoursToRespawnCellCleared - Set to 8(was 720).
- Made tweaks to some NPCs(Stats, Spells, etc.) to improve look and/or

Version 1.0

- Added Boss Hag, Afflicted Soul, Corrupted Soul(2 variants), Damned Soul
  (2 variants), Lost Soul(2 variants), Dragon's Tooth Skeleton, Ghost Dragon
  Priest, Master Wraith, Mournful Shade, Shade Wizard, Shadow Priest(3 variants),
  Skeleton Mage(3 variants), Spriggan Elder, and Wispmother Superior NPCs.
- Modified the following "Leveled Character" lists:
  LCharAmbientCreatures, LCharAmbientCreaturesSnow, LCharAnimalCanyonPredator,
  LCharAnimalCanyonPrey, LCharAnimalCoastSnowPredator, LCharAnimalCoastSnowPrey,
  LCharAnimalForest, LCharAnimalForestPredator, LCharAnimalForestPrey,
  LCharAnimalForestSnowPredator, LCharAnimalHills, LCharAnimalMarshPredator,
  LCharAnimalMarshPrey, LCharAnimalMountainSnowPredator, LCharAnimalMountainSnowPrey,
  LCharAnimalPlains, LCharAnimalPlainsPredator, LCharAnimalPlainsPrey,
  LCharAnimalSnowFields to place the added NPCs into the Skyrim Wilderness.

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