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Added: 29/07/2013 - 09:45PM
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Last updated at 23:16, 17 Mar 2016 Uploaded at 21:45, 29 Jul 2013

Want to play that cool dungeon again but it's one
of those that doesn't ever repopulate?

All Locations Reset sets almost all Skyrim locations to
repopulate to the players level after 30 in-game days.

Specific Quest NPCs, like Dragon Priests, etc. will not

This mod does not take the found locations off
the map and map locations will still say "Cleared"
even though they have been repopulated.

Combine this with my More Dangerous Enemies Mod
to insure lots of combat almost wherever you go in


- copy AllLocationsReset.esp to Skyrim's DATA folder.
- activate the ESP file.


- delete AllLocationsReset.esp from Skyrim's DATA folder.

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