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Azog, The Defiler!
The true reason the dwarves disappeared...

Permissions and credits
  • Elves! Men! Dwarves! The mountain will be their tomb! To war!
  • No matter how you feel about The Hobbit: An Unexpected Flop the character designs were amazing.
  • My favorite being Azog's.
  • Though it was never stated outright, the fangs on his belt were from Beorn's people, with the skin of the dwarves making the kilt.
  • His scars came in sets of three, symbolizing the three peaks of Gundabad.
  • Beautiful examples of "showing not telling".
  • Not to mention that they made him a total Dilf~
  • To make this, I used JonThackery's Azog, and cleaned it up so you can change the hair and eyes
  • without clipping issues and texture stretching.
  • As well as reshaping the face to better resemble the character. So S/O to Jon for uploading his preset!
  • [*]
    I simply used my 3D modelling experience to build upon the foundation he laid before us.