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Adds extra scar sliders to Racemenu

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It's a slider mod that allows you to apply more scars on your character.
Supports Vanilla, High Poly Head, COtR.
ESL-flagged ESP.

Racemenu (at least 0.415) 
Old version of Racemenu will cause ctd on your saves!

Q. Where can i find these sliders?
A. Racemenu -> Head -> More Scars A, B  (HP sliders are for High Poly head)

Q. Can't you just use Racemenu Overlay?
A. Racemenu overlay cannot use normal maps, which means it can't add details and depth to scars.

Q. Why did i get bunch of errors on SSEdit when i checked errors?

A. Don't worry. Since we can't make a new head parts type, additional scars must be assigned to unknown type.
I made it 53-54, but you can change it.   
I've already tested it in game, no errors or ctds happened. It's the same method of Horns Aplenty.

Northborn Scars version added, requires Northborn Scars.

expired6978 - RaceMenu
KouLeifoh - High Poly Head
m4mk203 - Charmers of The Reach
NerevarineKhajiit - Horns Aplenty ; for NK's tutorial