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This mod is what it says, it changes the icons on your map. This has multiple packages for various tastes, and more will probably get added! I like choices.

Tested with Vanilla, Dawnguard, Hearthfire as well as Dragonborn.

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EDIT: March 10th, 2016: kfbkfb has made a SkyUI 5.1 patch of this modĀ for those who require it. Please feel free to visit their page and grab it if you need it for any reason! Fully endorsed by me!


This mod is what it says; it changes the icons on your map to colored versions. There are a few different variations, and more will be coming out eventually, depending on user needs!

Because I wasn't thrilled with other similar existing mods due to personal needs, I went and made my own. I eventually decided to release it for the public just because I know that I'm not the only one out there that has similar needs when it comes to colors or to easily distinguish one icon from another with a bunch of icons on the screen. It may be a small overall pointless mod and not to the extreme of something like armors or quests, but it has helped me with being able to tell icons apart on more than shape alone, without blinding me in the process.

In order to do this, I had to try and avoid all instances of vibrant colorations and color-clashes and stick to more neutral, softer colors, which in the end is pleasing and easy on the eyes. I hope I will have eventually achieved this! It's still very much a work in progress, but I listen to others and see what I can do for tweaks!

Important Information
Compatible with all current official DLC: Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn. Known to be fully compatible with patch

As far as compatibility with other mods that have the possibility of conflict; it's been tested with SkyUI v2.2 as well as 3.1, A Quality World Map (With Roads v8.0; but I'm sure others will work as long as it doesn't use its own icons. Just overwrite them with mine if needed!), and I tested it with Atlas Map Markers (Complete version; if you install that mod and this, just overwrite its map.swf with mine if it asks to do so. If mine was installed first, then say no to the overwrite).

If you use other mods that conflict with this, please tell me what they are! I will do my best to work on compatibility issues. No guarantees, since when it comes to mods I'm more of an artist than a scripter.

I'm trying to work on a package that has smaller icons, but with the programs I use, it has actually been a pain in my rear. I'm trying though, but no guarantees anytime soon.

NOTE: REGARDING THE SKYUI 3.4 PATCHES: When you download them with Nexus, when after activating them and it asking to upgrade, SELECT NO. Otherwise, it installs the mod as a main, standalone file (Which means, if you use anything other than the map only packages, it will remove the [...exportedhudmenu.gfx files). If you hit no, it will bring up another popup asking to overwrite "map.swf". Hit yes, as it will only affect that file, regardless what variation you use, as long as you selected the correct patch file. Don't worry about the readme.txt file if/when it asks. I'll fix that eventually to have a far more specific filename!

Use Default if you use the standard NACMIM files. Use Green Quest Markers if you use any of those ones. Same instructions work for both!

Also: Regarding the file versions! 1: relates to the 1.* of my mod. The *.34 is related to SkyUI's 3.4, just without the decimal. It's designed that way so you know if they match the current version of both mods or not. I will add in extra details when needed if it doesn't work out for some reason!

If there are SkyUI related issues, please let the SkyUI team know about them!

If you use the Mod Organizer or anything else that works with load order in a specific way, always make sure the patches come AFTER the files you're patching. My load order during tests was SkyUI, NACMIM (whatever variation you use), and then the patch (whichever one you use).

Installation can be done either with the Nexus Mod Manager, or manually. NMM is recommended for ease of use and the ability to keep track of your mods, but if you prefer, you can install manually by putting the map.swf file into SkyrimDataInterface. If you use the ones with the compass tweak; put hudmenu.gfx into SkyrimDataInterfaceexported. To uninstall, just use NMM or remove the files in said locations. That's all!

Version History
1.6 (Current): This saw a few modifications! A couple more icons have been tweaked to better contrast their outlines. This is stuff I noticed after playing for a good solid couple of hours with Dragonborn. I also went and changed the "cleared area" diamond back to the original white, as even with an outline, it just looked horrid and out of place. It's just too tiny of an icon to make anything work. In order to have a color of its own, it would require an outline like the rest of the icons to counter-balance the brightness of the map and to make it less able to blend in.

Certain icons that also had "custom" lines in place have also been tweaked. Some are a little smoother, and some make a little more sense, and some new lines were added to some icons (such as the dragon!).

And of course, the biggest change was the removal of all gradients (I started from scratch to make sure of this!). It was a nice test, if anything, but not only do the icons actually no longer completely feel out of place, the file size has been drastically reduced.

1.4: This is a pretty big update and I won't list every individual change. Nearly all of the discovered location icons were edited. This includes improved contrast between the main colors of the icons and their respective outlines. All Dragonborn icons were also finally edited, and properly this time around instead of just having a few placeholders. Also went back to the basics with the quest markers, and made them similar to the default colors, but it is more of a "periwinkle" (blue/gray) to give it its own feel, but shouldn't clash with the feel of the game and my icon theme (especially if you use the compass version). All in all, I hope this is a much more pleasing update!

1.2: Multiple tweaks of the map icons. This includes darkened quest/waypoint markers, a more appropriate color/gradient for the dragon lair icon, as well as editing a couple of the icons that will be introduced in the future Dragonborn DLC (Not final, but they're there until the DLC comes out so it'd be ~something~). I have also drastically reduced the file size!

1.0: Initial file, wasn't thrilled with a couple of icons, but was a good start for my first ever mod for a game! Was said to have been compatible with Dawnguard and possibly Hearthfire. After buying the DLC recently, I was able to confirm this.

ALWAYS be sure to make backups of all your saves! This should be common sense for any mod you decide to install.