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Faction - Pit Fighter - Revamped is a mod that seeks to fix issues and inconsistencies still present in the excellent Faction - Pit Fighter mod by ThirteenOranges.

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Faction - Pit Fighter - Revamped

I've always had a soft spot for Faction - Pit Fighter, perhaps it's just nostalgia but I still believe that even after all these years it's the best arena mod available for Skyrim. When I was replaying it recently I ran into a lot of small little issues and quirks that bugged me. I went about to rectify these and eventually it became so expansive that I thought that others out there may enjoy the fixes I made.


  • Fixed a large amount of typos and grammatical errors.
  • Fixed weird inconsistencies in the world (such as the Doorman requiring you to pass a speech check to spectate even if your a member of the Pit Fighters).
  • Modified numerous dialogue structure to make the mod flow better.
  • Reworked Travels to have better integration in the main mod (it is now a reward to defeating all the Skyrim champions as opposed to just being given to you).
  • Gave all the foreign arena teams a unique aesthetic complete with new custom gear and weapons that you can win as rewards.
  • Small quality of life changes too numerous to mention individually.


ThirteenOranges and PrivateEye for their work on the Faction - Pit Fighter.
NordWarUA for the armors I used for the Knights of Windkeep taken from Vanilla Armor Replacers and Unplayable Faction Armors.
maty473 for the bone I used for the Huntsman and the elegant Crimson Champion Armor I used for the Altmer champion taken from the Bosmer Armor Pack and Noldor Content Pack.
billyro for virtually every weapon the foreign teams wield taken from a variety of his mods.
ghosu for the Bosmeri Bone Bow wielded by the Huntsmen taken from the Horker Weapon Pack.
sforzinda for the Ash Champion Armor and new foreign spectator clothes taken from Fashions of the Fourth Era and Imitations.
VictorF for fixing all my broken shit.
wSkeever for providing me with his fixes to FaceGen and collision.

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