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An exterior and interior overhaul of Nightgate Inn

Permissions and credits
My own little take on Nightgate Inn which is pretty dull and looks like every other Inn around Skyrim. ESL flagged because YEAH!


- New exterior building design, layout and clutter overhaul. Makes it a bit more unique.
- New interior design and layout. Completely revamped the interior, beds are now located in the basement, there's more height and a new location for the bar.
- Optional files that change the wooden walls to plaster if you prefer this aesthetic (My preferred choice). 
- Tweaked lighting to better fit the area.
- Parallax and none-parallax options available.
- Reworked NavMesh to account for the changes.
- Doesn't break Vanilla quests, the basement for the Vanilla is untouched and has a door to it in my new basement area, same goes for the trap door. Links to the correct cell.


- Lux: Matches Lux lighting, requires Lux obviously. I butchered the existing Lux lighting so feel free to make a better patch, etc LOL!
- Embers XD: Removed excess firepit stuff and rescaled new fire to account for Embers style.
- eFPS: Disabled existing occlusion planes and added my own.
- Immersive Laundry: Tweaked position of laundry to account for the new Inn design.
- No Snow Under the Roof: Disabled most of the added snow as it didn't fit my redesign.
- Cutting Room Floor: Shifts a few clipping items. Load order: Nightgate Re-imagined.esp, CRF.esp, Nightgate - CRF Patch.esp
- 3DNPC: Moves the NPCs and markers to suit the new interior.
- LOTD: Shifts a few bits about inside.
- Brothers in Irons: CC content, patch to shift the note and barrels for the quest.
- Skyrim Unique Treasures: Massive thanks to ChickenMike for the patch, Resolves issues between both mods :)
- ASLAL: Patch for Alternative Start - Live another life. Patch kindly provided by ChickenMike because i'm blind and couldn't fine the marker LOL

Suggested Load Order:

- Gonz - Nightgate Inn Re-imagined.esp
- Gonz - Nightgate - Imm Laund Patch.esp
- Gonz - Nightgate - eFPS Patch.esp
- Gonz - Nightgate - Embers XD Patch.esp
- Gonz - Nightgate - Lux Patch.esp
- Gonz - Nightgate - NSUTR Patch .esp

Future Plans:

Probably some more tweaks to the clutter and stuff. Hopefully a better Lux patch as i'd like to get window shadows, etc back in. Hope you enjoy this small overhaul :) All support is appreciated.