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Community Shaders feature which adds screen-space shadows, enabling grass, map, distant and self-shadows.

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Community Shaders feature which adds screen-space shadows, enabling grass, map, distant and self-shadows.


The performance impact of this effect is relatively high, so you may lose 3 fps if not more. It will be optimised further in the future.

This is the most complex feature I have released so far. It makes use of a custom raymarching algorithm, compute shaders, and new textures/render targets.

Lots of variables are tweakable in the CS settings menu.

Compatible with the Skyrim Upscaler if you struggle with performance.



Objects cast sharp shadows onto themselves, which is primarily visible on the character models. Eyes are ignored, so no ENB eye fixes are required at all:

Near Shadows

Objects within the true shadow distance cast small shadows which adds grass shadows.

Far Shadows

Objects past the true shadows distance cast wide, blurry shadows to simulate distant shadows:

Map Shadows

The world map now receives shadows which change depending on sun angle:


Community Shaders
Grass Lighting ( updated to support this mod )
Tree LOD Lighting ( updated to support this mod )


TESReloaded, particularly Mathieu C for the depth-aware blur filter as well as advising on this feature.
Screen space shadows (
VR Port by - FlayaN  podbot88