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This patch hub keeps the HUD visual consistency with additional bars.

Permissions and credits

NORDIC UI - Interface Overhaul
Nordic...ish - A TrueHUD preset based on Nordic UI
NORDIC UI - Alternate SkyHUD preset for TrueHUD - Scaling Bars

Additional Elements
Casting Bar
Oxygen Meter 2


A FOMOD provides you with options to let you customize NORDIC UI to your taste:

Depending on which Preset you've chosen, Health, Stamina, and Magicka bars are stacked together at the upper left or the lower left of your screen.
Extra bars, such as Oxygen Meter 2 and Casting Bar, can be placed both above or below the main three bars; since in vanilla Skyrim you can't attack underwater, you don't need both bars at the same time.

This lets you reposition them above the health bar for three reasons:
1. By default, the space under the stamina bar is reserved for weapon enchants and other widgets like Edryu's Widget - Nordic...ish Preset.
2. Priority-wise, it makes more sense because the character's health decreases only after the oxygen is fully depleted.
3. Aesthetically, it fills the upper gap perfectly.

There are different options included in case you need extra bars to appear at the same time. If you use mods that unlock the ability to attack underwater, you may prefer to replace one of the additional bars below the main three to keep track of all at once.


To maintain visual consistency, I highly recommend installing Casting Bar HUD Variance (Nordic, obviously). Although these skins are not perfectly matched with NORDIC UI in detail (e.g. The angel of pointy ends), I've done my best to shape them as accurately as possible.
Not being hard requirements, with the mentioned mods, I made sure all the bars were equal in the number of pixels.

Oxygen Meter 2 has been updated to v1.0.6!
The Master files got renamed from "po3_oxygenMeter2" to "oxygenMeter2" which makes it incompatible with .swf replacer mods.
Nordic UI - Refined Bars  (for Oxygen Meter 2 and Casting Bar)
Oxygen Meter 2 - Nordic UI like Skin

I've included a Nordic UI skin for Oxygen Meter 2 until the mentioned mods receive an update.


Download and install all the requirements of the base mods.
Resolve the conflicts, according to the order given by the author of the preset you're using.
Put this mod after Oxygen Meter 2 and Casting Bar (no plugin is involved)
Don't overwrite this mod with any file that edits CastingBar.ini and po3_OxygenMeter2.ini (v1.0.4) or OxygenMeter2.ini (v1.0.6)

After updating Oxygen Meter 2 to version 1.0.6 and running the game for the first time, OxygenMeter2.ini gets generated in the Mod Manager's overwrite folder.

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NORDIC UI HUD - Fully Customizable Patch Collection
SAFE - Skyrim Anniversary FIXED and ENHANCED
GRIND - Reshade Preset for Grid