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A visual overhaul of the male spouses.

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This mod overhauls the appearance of every potential male spouse in Skyrim, excluding the argonians because I liked them as is. I am a female, and I play a female, so I wanted some male options for marriage who look like they've showered in the past week. The biggest visual improvement with each NPC was removing the million layers of dirt and red/blue makeup. Wash your faces people, it matters.

I didn't want this to be a total male waifu mod so I designed each character's appearance to make sense for their particular lifestyle. Merchants and mages are more likely to have flowing, smooth hair, while warriors may have scars and more practical hairstyles. I also wanted to maintain the range of ages and looks that existed in vanilla (young babyfaced male up to elderly grizzled warrior). Overall, I aimed to make the potential male spouses less painful to look at and more memorable/unique. 

  • Age - If a NPC had the age 40 complexion before, he still has it now.
  • Skin Color - I thought changing this might make them totally unrecognizable.
  • Weight - Didn't want to risk issues with neck seams/gaps.
  • Clothing - Two exceptions where I switched to the no hat version of the same outfit.
  • Race
  • Voice

How to Make Your Men Look Like Mine (Links from Oldrim, but they work still)
Skysight Skins
Northborn Scars
Smile in HD
Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map
Eye Normal Map Fix

If you have other mods that edit these same NPCs, I really recommend using a merged patch to sort out the conflicts. Generally speaking, loading my mod further down than others should work out. However, if you are having issues with the faces not looking right then use mod organizer to see what is conflicting and sort out your load order/patches.

KS Hairdo's and this mod will show up as overwriting one another in Mod Organizer. They're the exact same files, unedited, so it doesn't matter which wins.

Compatible with Distinct People.