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A large overhaul of the Ustengrav area.

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Part of Ryn's Skyrim

An ongoing project with the goal of bringing Skyrim's Worldspace to a more updated level of detail with new locations, improved locations, and more interesting encounters, all while generally sticking to Bethesda's style of level design, and with performance and mod compatibility for the average player in mind.
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 Ryn's Ustengrav

As a location in the main questline, and in general a location of importance to the Nords of Skyrim, Ustengrav deserved better.
Finding Ustengrav in its vanilla state has quite literally always been disappointing. It is a hole in the ground and nothing more.
Now situated inside a small mountain, Ustengrav's entrance feels slightly more grand, while keeping its "hidden" feeling. The area around the entrance takes inspiration from existing ideas and only expands on them, allowing the location to feel more reasonable in its ability to house so many necromancers. 

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Special Thank you
A very special friend of mine who encouraged me to start modding.
Those who have helped encourage me, helped with feedback, and supported my work, thank you.
Without you, I do not think this project would continue.
As always, I love you, and happy modding

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