Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

High-res and performance textures, upscaled and optimized for SSE, plus potato resolutions, for Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE

Permissions and credits
When I first started upscaling textures nearly a year ago, my big goal was to do DLC mods. I have so much respect and honor for these big projects that folks made happen, with dozens of mod authors contributing hundreds of hours to bringing entirely new experiences into Skyrim. To be able to contribute to this effort by modernizing the textures and helping mods stay relevant for more years to come was a dream.
Of course, the dream was also a significant challenge, so I wanted to wait until I had more skill and experience behind me. DLC mods have a really wide variety of object types, which means a lot more can go wrong.  A month and a half ago, after improving my technique for armor and weapon textures, I finally tackled cleaning and upscaling the textures for my first DLC mod, Clockwork. Emboldened by this, I started working on the magnum opus, Legacy of the Dragonborn.

Original textures were mostly in old BC1 and BC3 compression in a variety of resolutions, mostly 1K or below, with a few 2K. I cleaned them of compression artifacts and upscaled them using chaiNNer and ESRGAN models to a maximum of 4K, and re-compressed in modern BC7 format.
Performance options are available for potato PCs.

I have packed the mod into BSAs for reduced loading time, due to the incredibly large number of texture files. All plugins are flagged as ESL with the LotD plugin flagged as a master, to make sure they will load afterwards.
I left facegen textures separate so you can choose your resolution for those separately (see this mod for info).
For complete coverage, you will need my Book Covers Skyrim textures, and Book Covers Lost Library as I did not include those textures here (book covers comprise 44% of the texture files in LotD). Make sure to get the LotD patch as well.

the Original Mod
Thank you to icecreamassassin and for all the original mod authors who contributed to the original mod, which you can see in the full credits article here.

Thank you to Cofi for the screenshots

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