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This is my Taste of Improved Works for Enhanced Solitude SSE and Enhanced Solitude Docks.

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This is my Taste of improved Works for Enhanced Solitude SSE and Enhanced Solitude Docks.

I love Enhanced Solitude SSE and Enhanced Solitude Docks by kojak747, after play for sometime, i hope to improved it according to my taste, mainly just move some building here and there, please refer to screen shoot picture for comparison.

ES Improved Features
- move 1 house infront blue palace to better area
- add back a chapel infront of blue palace
- add 3 house (did not build interior yet)
- move many building so that they do not clipping with each other or clipping into wall
- adjust and move items here and there
- add some castle wall to the city
- Incorporated Solitude Catacombs Tweak ( by AndrealphusVIII to my mod
- navmesh remake to match my overhaul
- maybe improved your FPS

ESD Improved Features
- Moving object here and there so that looks nice
- repair many navmesh
- add one house 
- add back a tower
- disable many unnecessary object
- improved some gate entrance
- Improved Solitude Caravan Camp side
- Improved Solitude Docks Market area

1) Enhanced Solitude SSE (
2) Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE (
3) Enhanced Solitude Docks (

Compatible with:
- Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
- Palaces and Castles Enhanced SSE
- Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace
- Solitude Skyway
- Skyrim Sewers 4
- Enhanced Solitude Docks
- Modular PatchXPress (MPXP)

Incompatible note:
- Mod like JK's Skyrim or other that overhaul Solitude should need extra patch, i myself did not use them because FPS drop heavily by my potato PC. 
- this mod is Mainly improved Enhanced Solitude SSE and Enhanced Solitude Docks.
- not compatible with Lanterns Of Skyrim II - Lantern Workers addon only, main file is OK

Optional Patch:
- Non LOTD version ES Improved Patch
- ES and ESD Compatible Patch
- Bells of Skyrim (
- Khajiit Has Wares - A Caravan Camp Overhaul (
- Patch to use Solitude Skyway, Drengin's Blue Palace Terrace, Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE, Enhanced Solitude Docks and Modular PatchXPress (MPXP)

Sample of my plugins load order:
Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp
Enhanced Solitude SSE.esp
Enhanced Solitude Docks.esp
Palaces Castles Enhanced.esp
Solitude Skyway SE.esp
PCE - USSEP Patch.esp
PCE - Enhanced Solitude Patch.esp
PCE - Enhanced Solitude Docks Patch.esp
MPXP0.0 [SELUA-II].esp
ESD SMIM SSE  Merged All patch.esp
ES Terrain Patch.esp
ESD LOS II patch.esp
ESD Terrain Patch.esp
Enhanced Solitude SSE - LoS II patch.esp
ES BPT LOSII Patch.esp
ES Improved.esp
MPXP1.1 [PATCH - DBPT.SSkwy].esp
MPXP1.3 [PATCH - DBPT.SSkwy.LotD].esp
MPXP1.4 [PATCH - DBPT.SSkwy.LotD.PCE].esp
DBPT [PATCH - Personal Additions].esp
ES ESD Patch.esp
ESD Improved.esp
SSkyway DBPT ESD Patch.esp
SSkwy Estuary Fortress Extension.esp
Syerscote ESD Patch.esp
ESD KhajiitHazWares Patch.esp

kojak747 for Enhanced Solitude SSE
icecreamassassin for Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Ayedail for Wyvern Rock Castle chapel
AndrealphusVIII for Solitude Catacombs Tweak