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This mod makes aMidianBorn Content Addon Improved closefaced helmets work with Dynamic Armor Variants.

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Like Improved closefaced helmets DAV, this mod makes Improved closefaced helmets work for aMidianBorn ContentAddon. This mod requires you to install ContentAddon AND Improved closefaced helmets AND Dynamic Armor Variants.

Please note: I have only tested this mod with the light version of ContentAddon for my personal purposes. Having looked at the light and non-light versions, it seems the mod should work on both. Let me know if there are any issues.

Using this mod means any patches that fix compatibility with both aMidianBorn ContentAddon and Improved closefaced helmets are no longer required. You probably still need compatibility patches for ContentAddon, but DO NOT use combined AMB ContentAddon and ICH patches (it will break), if you have the option choose the version of the patch without ICH.