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Fixes an instance where the Banded Iron Armour is not displayable in the Dragonborn Museum of LotD

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Update: This is an issue in LotD 5.6.4 and will also be corrected in the coming 5.6.5 version of LotD, so you might want to wait around for that. I case you don't plan on updating to 5.6.5, this might be the fix you're looking for. Confirmed to still be an issue in 5.6.5 :/

I have had the issue, where I was unable to place the "Banded Iron Armor" on the rack in the armoury of the Museum. When opening the MCM Checklist for the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod, where the "Banded Iron Armor" should have been, it said "!Error". This translated the same way onto the checklist of the Curator's Companion mod.

As it turns out, the FormID list "DBM_SectionArmoryIronItems" is missing an entry for the armour. Adding the entry to the list fixed the problem.

Be aware that this mod does NOT add an additional rack to the iron display. The iron and banded iron armours are displayed on the same rack, overlapping each other, as seen with the elven and elven gilded armours.

Until then, for your convenience, I have created this mod as an override with overwriting.

Install with the mod manager of your choice and place after Legacy of the Dragonborn in your load order.

Kudos to franknbls for commenting in the "Legacy of the Dragonborn - Fixes and Tweaks" mod page about this problem and directing my focus towards looking into the FormID list.