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A journal that displays treasure maps as you read them and tracks which treasure you have already found. No SKSE necessary. All Skyrim SE/AE versions should be compatible. ESP-FE.

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This mod adds a journal to the world that displays any map that you read, and tracks whether or not you have found the associated treasure.

The map is located in the bandit camp near the guardian stone as you leave Helgen (where you find Treasure Map I). It is on top of the other books in the tent.

There is a version for Legacy of the Dragonborn, but it is not required.

Version 2
It now supports New Treasure Hunt and Treasure Hunter maps. I couldn't find a good way to get them all into the same journal, so they are in separate journals. The New Treasure Hunt journal is near the hint journal in the Sleeping Giant Inn. The Treasure Hunter journal is on top of the regular journal. I actually figured it out how to put them into a single journal just as I am writing this. It requires a bit of reworking though, so don't hold your breath on it.

Patches for Marked Treasure (any combination) and Book Covers of Skyrim (no Marked Treasure or Treasure Hunter. BCS is integrated into LOTD). The BCS patch is only for the original version of BCS. If you use the updated version, either patch in SSEdit or load my mod after (you will only miss out on BCS's treasure map textures).

Thanks to Book Covers of Skyrim's permissions, all of the the journals now have unique textures and models.


It will start tracking when the mod is installed, so you can read maps and find treasure before picking up the journal and they will still be tracked, but if you install after reading the map/finding the treasure, you will need to drop the map, read it again, and open the chest again.

Adding the journal with Additem Menu or console commands WILL NOT WORK. I attached the quest that tracks everything to the specific instance of the journal. If you want to move it to you, put in the console "prid FEXXX812" where "XXX" is the mod index, and then "moveto player". The journal should appear in front of you.

LOTD added maps look a little different than vanilla ones. Not too much I can do about that unfortunately.

I recommend Convenient Reading UI or Faster Book Animations to make page flipping less painful.

Moyme for a helpful tutorial for dynamically using text replacement in books. I wouldn't have known where to start without it.
Anduniel for Treasure Maps Journal, the inspiration for this mod, and for allowing me to use the formatting for this mod.
K1ngTr4cker for allowing me to copy the detection bounds from Marked Treasure instead of spending many hours hunting the treasure chests down and fiddling around with Creation Kit.
Icecreamassassin for allowing me to include the Legacy of the Dragonborn map image files in my mod.
DanielCoffey and everyone who worked on Book Covers of Skyrim for the excellent journal textures that I used.