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In-game smoke always goes in one direction. Now the behavior of the smoke (chimneys, fires, braziers) is influenced by the wind direction and its strength (it changes with the weather).

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This mod changes the behavior of the in-game smoke, now it's influenced by the direction of the wind and its strength, so also by the weather. The brightness can be controlled by the particles intensity in ENB. Plus an optional Smelter mesh,

Perfectly complements "Splashes of Storms" plus "Rudy fix for Splashes of Storms and ENB"


    I added a wind effect to the smoke coming from the top of the smelter, but these changes apply to the entire object (nif), so it's incompatible with mods that also change it. Anyway, it's only an option, if you want a decent smelter in the game, now with improved smoke, install: "WeldingMans Smelter with ENB Light"


    Powerofthree for inspiration