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Smash, shout, and blow up the environment around you, without the need for silly, complicated patches! Be careful, though - just like with stealing, people aren't very fond of the destruction of their property!

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This is a permutation of djjohnjarvis's Destructible Skyrim using powerofthree's Base Object Swapper in order to reduce and/or remove the need for most compatibility patches. Now you can destroy barrels in Wyrmstooth and Beyond Reach, break tables* in Bruma, cause Havok in Ryn2g's overhauled locations, and more - all without any patches!

* custom tables and other assets created and implemented by the Beyond Skyrim team more than likely will not be destructible without patches designed specifically for them

Important: the original mod is not necessary, and any patch made for the original is more than likely incompatible with this version. Even still, so long as this mod overwrites the original mod, and you aren't using any patches designed for the original, no problems should occur.

Note: Anything that isn't physics enabled and is atop a destructible object will remain floating when the object beneath it is destroyed. Over time, I'll attempt to add physics and such to as many objects that may be left floating as possible. No promises though, as I don't have the greatest drive and/or motivation.

Debris is still based on the vanilla models - and in some rare cases, swapped statics use vanilla models, and thus overwrite mods such as Rudy's candles or silverware and the like. In more cases than not, however, it's only the debris that takes on the vanilla models, which can cause a mismatch between the object and its debris. The degree to which these problems are fixable highly depends on the conflicting mod. Usually it's quite simple, though in some cases it may require created new debris meshes, which is no small task.

Besides this, an MCM was added that allows the configuration of various aspects of the mod, including how long objects stay broken and the health of objects. Many bugs have also been fixed including the issue where the player accumulated bounty if an NPC destroyed objects. Development of this has taken place over a largely extended period of time, so I don't remember what all has been changed and what hasn't. On that note, development of this will continue, and more things will probably be added in the future; more breakable objects, more moveable objects, more compatibility patches, more bug fixes. If there's any more information you'd like to know about this mod, please refer to the original mod's description:


Full credit to the original author, djjohnjarvis, for the original mod and all its assets. While more may be added in the future, we have him to thank for this concept and implementation, and giving me a place to start from. While not required to run this mod, go on and head over to the original mod and give it an endorsement to thank him for his work. Maybe even check out his wonderful follower, Sofia, while you're at it!