Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

An eyepack that is meant to be used together with Khisartin's eye mods.

Permissions and credits
A semi-realistic, high quality eye pack based on Khisartin's eye mod 2. The textures is realistic with a touch of fantasy. We made this mod to be used together with Khisartin's eye mods. Some eyes are a mix between the older version of BnP eyes+Khisartin's eyes and some are just recolored. Make sure to ckeck out her website and eye mods. The eyes are all standalone and will not replace your standard vanilla eyes. Choose from 1k or 2k resolutions with BC7 compression for maximum quality.

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💗 Features

This eyepack give you 68 new eyes. They will use your meshes, normals, speculars and cubemaps etc. This pack only contain the diffuse. We recommend to use Khisartin's eye mod 3 or LM eyes for replacer of the vanilla eyes. We also recommend Khisartin's eye mod 2 to give you extra standalone eyes. This pack features:

  • 7 vampire colors.
  • 9 elven eyes.
  • 4 demon/dremora eyes.
  • 48 fantasy/realistic eyes.

The optional section provides retextured Saints and Seducer eyes from AE and eyes for Additional dremora mod.

💗 Installation

Install with a mod manager or manually drag and drop the files into the data folder then activate the esp with your mod manager.

💗 Compatibility

Compatible with everything.

💗 Recommendations


Am I allowed to make translations?
Yes without permission, however the translation have to depend on the BnP mod.

Can I use your eyes on followers/NPCs?
Yes, but you first have to contact us via message about it so we can discuss terms of use.

What happened to the old version?
We had lots of bugs that we could not solve, just too many meshes. We also didn't like them, they did not fit in with the BnP series because they were too unrealistic and painted. We kept our favorites and gave them a new touch. We also could not maintain around 400 eyes.. Don't ask us to bring them back, we won't.

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💗 Credits

-Huge thanks to Khisartin for the assets. Consider support her at her Boosty or Patreon-

You are not allowed to use this in your own mods or as assets without asking for permission from us first.