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A complete set of semi-realistic meticulously crafted high quality eye textures for all vanilla eyes in game.

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Bits and Pieces Eye Overhaul

A complete set of lore-friendly realistic high quality eye texture replacer for all vanilla eyes in game. This textures are made with realism in mind. Be prepared for lots of details wich is made with lots of love and consideration with some handpainted parts. The textures is 1k and BC7 compressed for maximum quality.

These eyes is build and based on Khisartin's amazing eye mods. BnP eyes would
not exist without her talent so make sure to support/give Khisartin lots of credits and love!

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Bits and Pieces Male Skin
Bits and Pieces Female Skin


Replacer version: This mod replace all vanilla eyes with high quality eye textures for all races, humans, beasts, elves, vampires and werewolves. Also includes normalmap, cubemap, subsurface, environmentmask and eyereflection effect.

More eyes version: This mod is standalone and adds even more eye colors. It includes 15 new eyes for human, 6 new eyes for Altmer, Dunmer, Bosmer and Orc. Also includes 6 new eye colors for vampires to select from. This mod can be used with the replacer version or without.


Install with a modmanager or drag and drop the files into the data folder.


Not compatible with mods that alter the same eye textures as this mod.


We recommend to install SUEMR eye meshes with glowing beast eyes. We also recommend to use Expressive Facegen Morphs wich have an inbuilt eyeclipping fix it also makes race presets more nice. If you do not use Expressive Facegen Morphs, use Eyes AO Clipping Fix instead. If you want another cubemap, we recommend to use SC - Cubemaps. Also consider to download/support Khisartin's standalone Eyes mod 2, wich looks and fits very well with this mod.


You are not allowed to use this in your own mods or as assets without asking for permission from us first.

Track and endorse if you appreciate our work


-Huge thanks to Khisartin for letting us use her eye mods as a base. Used normalmap, cubemap, subsurface, environmentmask, eyereflection effect and other goodies-

-Eyelashes and eye veins-


Wammy and Gabriel Mailhot as LogRaam

-Normalmap for beast eyes and werewolf-