Skyrim Special Edition
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This mod adds a spell that summons a powerful dwarven automaton to your or followers and adds rings to the treasure chests of the Dwemer ruins of various places.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a spell that summons a powerful dwarven automaton to your or followers and adds rings to the treasure chests of the Dwemer ruins of various places.
To get a ring, start with a new game or let me respawn the contents of Chest.
Since this mod has made changes to Chest of the Dwemer ruins, it conflicts with mod which makes changes in the same place.
Since the Leveled List has been modified, we recommend that you use Wrye Bash to create a bashed patch.



Recommended Mods:
Rusty Steel Dwarven Dwemer Overhaul by Cat_Woman1989 orAncient Dwemer Metal by SRW0 & aMidianBorn Dwarven Armor by CaBaL
Want to put a quick ring to hand it is strongly recommended to you.
AddItemMenu - Ultimate Mod Explorer 
by towawot
OK_Custom Voice Followers by okame28
Dwemer over Technology resource by mahty
Tools used:
Merge Plugins

Special Thanks
 sedna 1795.
translator Atrus.
Technical Advisor by rurotan 2032.
okame 28.

Voice & Sound effect material credits

HTS Voice "NIT ATR 503 M001" Copyright (c) 2003-2012 Nagoya Insitute of Technology
Japanese Csutom Voice actors
音枝優日 様(ttp://※Japanese Only
The sound effect of Gatling gun was used from this site.
著作権フリー 商用利用可能 な 【効果音】 マシンガン バルカン砲 射撃 銃撃 乱射 発砲 いろいろ
©効果音ラボ[Sound Effect Lab]

Updated: 08/02/2020
I will write the changes to the change log from now on.
Includes Leveled List fixes.A new game or clean save is required.

Updated: 13/01/2020

ESP file name has been changed.In addition, we need a new game or a clean save because we have made major modifications.
Providing a new home for automatons that can be hired as followers.
Provides shared storage from conversations with automaton followers.
There is a ring that can summon a follower automaton in the shared storage.
Add new enemies.
Added new equipment and effects.
Added three new follower automata.
Removed two summonable automata.
The enemyless version is gone.

Updated: 06/05/2018
This update also includes a script renewal.
Update in the new game is most desirable.
It may be okay to use save clean tool after clean save (also effective for script).
In doing so, cancel employment of Faithful Gear knight Zephyr and please discard all equipment gained by this mod from inventory.

Update each knight's mesh.
Complete independent follower of "Faithful Gear knight Zephyr".
He ceased to compete with most custom voice followers and employment quest mods.
Even in an environment where employment mod has not been introduced, you can hire him as a "second person" follower.
(If he began fighting with another follower, please stay away from the place and wait for a couple of days there, in most cases the problem will be resolved)
If you want to replace his equipment, please strengthen the armor you want to equip.
The employment system we were allowed to use the method of The Erotic Adventures of Misty Skye. Thanks to Nerd of Prey!
The sound effect dedicated to Gatling gun is adopted.

Updated: 01
Added new automata "Faithful Gear Maiden".
You can also get a ring engraved with spells that call this automaton from the treasure chest of the Dwemer ruins.
Update each knight's mesh.
You need a clean save or a new game to update.

Updated: 20/02/2018
Added traditional Chinese translation 2.0.1 version by translator  Atrus.

Updated: 12/02/2018

Contents of this update.
Fixed not to garbled Japanese fonts.

Cooperation with OK_Custom Voice Followers created by Mr. okame 28.
(Cooperation with Custom Voice Follower_Airi)
The dialogue of Follower_Airi will be added only if you introduce it with either of these two mods.
The conditions are as follows.
① When summoning 'VATSHU' once snow falls in the field after battle
⇒ If you talk to Airi,
② When summoning "VATSHU" once after the battle, it is raining in the field⇒ If you talk to Airi,
③ Start fighting with "VATSHU"
④ Finish battle with "VATSHU"
New games or clean save are mandatory when updating.If you do not need these elements, you do not need to update them.
Also, okame 28's mod is not required mod.Even without these two mods, it does not cause CTD due to it.

okame28氏の作成されたOK_Custom Voice Followersとの連携。

(Custom Voice Follower_Airiとの連携)
①「VATSHU」召喚1回戦闘後に、フィールドで雪が降っているとき ⇒アイリに話しかければ専用台詞
②「VATSHU」召喚1回戦闘後に、フィールドで雨が降っているとき ⇒アイリに話しかければ専用台詞

I had you use a great tool, SSE NIF Optimizer.
I had you use a great tool,Cathedral Assets Optimizer.