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Ever noticed how NPCs don't react at all to being woken up in the middle of the night? Or how characters stop breathing while they sleep? Or... how it takes them YEARS to get in and out of bed? Well, no more! WAKE UP, JARL BALGRUUF!!!!!!! Sleeping Expanded is here!!!!

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So I was happily playing a permadeath character earlier this week on Twitch (It's a lot of fun, feel free to stop by and say hi!) when Sunhelm was like "dude, code red, you need to sleep". So of course, I decided to find a nice place for my level 8 Khajiit to sleep, a random bed in a bandit fort. In the middle of the nap, I was interrupted when 2 bandits noticed my character.

They started attacking me, and naturally I tried to stand up. Did you know it takes roughly 9 seconds in vanilla for a character to get out of bed?
9 seconds. Not even my grandma takes that long, and she's 89 years old. Needless to say, they killed our friendly khajiit before he could stand up. That sent me on a quest to tweak some sleep related things that have always bothered me. Without further ado, I give you...

Sleeping Expanded - Animations and NPC reactions
AKA: "Mooooom, just one more minute"

- People get pissed off when you wake them up in the middle of the night
  • Fully voiced with spliced or vanilla lines. There's around 100(!!) different reactions all in all. Of course, depending on the voicetype of the NPC, there will be more or less lines. Some have custom lines, some have only default angry vanilla lines.
  • The feature is just for fun, it doesn't affect relationship level, quests or anything else, it just changes the initial greeting to the Skyrim equivalent of "WTF, it's 4AM, leave me alone" when you're waking them up. Immersive, I would say!
  • Some reactions are more elaborate and funny than others. It's just the way things are. Some people will be confused (Errrrrr.... Huh?), some people will be angry ("Waking up people in the middle of the night, this is what has become of Skyrim!)" and so on.

- People now breathe while sleeping, instead of looking dead. 
  • You might have never noticed, but once you know, there's no going back. NPCs are DEAD when they sleep. No, really. They stop breathing. The sleeping animation in vanilla is 100% static, which means... they don't move AT ALL. 
  • I've added 2 new animations to sleeping in beds, 3 new animations for sleeping bed rolls. Now coming with (you guessed it) 100% more breathing than in vanilla, so much wow.
  • The new sleeping animations add a bit more variety compared to vanilla, but please know that this is VERY nuanced. There are some changes here and there, like the position of the hands or legs, but they're mostly faithful to the original vanilla animation. The breathing animation is OK but could still look better, I might improve them down the line.

No, the vanilla one is not a still image. It's an animated gif. Crazy, I know.

- 3 new different speed values* for getting in and out of bed. This affects NPCs (and the player if using something like Go To Bed.)
  • SUPER FAST -> Basically jumping out of bed. This happens when the actor is in combat or you are caught pickpocketing someone who is sleeping. It's very fast, no more killing enemies while they're slowly getting up, no more getting killed while you're slowly getting up. I have tweaked these animations to be somewhat slower than the originals, but still very fast.
  • THE NEW NORMAL -> Slightly Faster Than Vanilla (Exiting a bedroll in vanilla takes about 9 whopping seconds, it will take about 6 now)
  • JAY'S GRANDMA  -> Super Slow Animations (the vanilla default animations - Only for old people now)

*On the new animations: These different get in/get out of bed animations are CONTEXT AWARE and will play based on fitting conditions dynamically. Most of the vanilla animations are sped up about 33%. This ensures they (hopefully) still look realistic and natural, but do not get in the way of your gameplay. Some animations, like the ones for getting into bed, have been sped up slightly less (About 15%) cause otherwise they looked weird. The SUPER FAST animations that play during combat were made by Bethesda and were left with the other animations, but Bethesda never implemented them. They look okay for the most part, but sometimes they're SO fast the NPC might end up on top of the bed, instead of next to it. I mean, if you were attacking me in the middle of the night, I'd also just jump on the bed out of fear but you know. In any case, I've reduced their speed too so they don't look too out of place. Now they will be faster but should still feel realistic.

No edits to anything from vanilla. No compatibility issues.

Pick and Choose:
The ESP file (which btw is marked as ESL) only contains the NPC reactions. This means you could in theory just use the NPC reactions and ignore the other two features, or use the new animations and ignore the NPC reactions.

Similar mods and recommendations:

  • Quicker Bed Exit: Shoutout to Corsafire1 for being the first (that I know) to implement the unused "quick exit" bethesda animations. If you just want for everyone to exit bed SUPER fast all the time, then ignore my mod and go with this mod instead. The only difference here is that I made them longer than vanilla, so it doesn't look as quick, then used DAR to use them only in combat.
  • Lilebonymace's patches: I thought I was very smart implementing the new quick exit animations with DAR, but it turns out Lilebonymace did something similar already. If you just want the super fast animations in combat and vanilla animations during any other time, then ignore my mod and download this one instead. Only difference here is that I made these animations a bit longer than vanilla.
  • Go To Bed: If you want to see your character sleep (that sounds creepy, I know), then you might be interested in this mod. It also includes more pronounced breathing animations if you find mine too subtle.


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