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The Lunar Guard Armor mod adds a craftable ebony-tier heavy armor, inspired by the khajiit.

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LE version of the mod can be found here.
Thank you Khermiit for porting!


Update version 1.3: Added missing mipmaps. It may provide a performance and/or visual clarity boost.

The Lunar Guard armor is a craftable heavy armor, heavily inspired by the khajiit. I felt like there weren't a lot of lore friendly armors that catered solely to them, hence the creation of this armor mod. The name of the mod is derived from the Bi-Lunar Guard in Elder Scrolls lore.


The armor can be worn by any gender and race. It also has weight sliders. The helmet and cuirass meshes are tweaked depending on race. There are 3 versions of the helmet and cuirass; 1 for the khajiit, 1 for the argonian and 1 for all non-beast races.

The body proportions for the male version are based on the vanilla body, the proportions of the female version are based on the CBBE body. The armor covers the entire body, so the armor works with any body mod as long as you wear all pieces at once.


Download and install through your mod manager of choice. Remember to activate the ESP. Can be placed anywhere below your masters in your load order, as it does not overwrite anything. The ESP is flagged as an ESPFE so it does not take up a slot in the ESP limit.

In order to avoid any vanilla edits, the armor can only be acquired through crafting. Stat wise it's in the same tier as ebony and therefore also has the same recipe requirements as ebony armor (including the Ebony Smithing perk). It also requires 1 to 3 moonstones, depending on armor piece. The armor can be tempered (requires moonstone again) and enchanted.

The mod does not edit any vanilla records. Mods that change or hide the vanilla body meshes may cause clipping. Mods that hide the beast race tails such as cloaks or add physics to the tail cause the tail armor to stick out without the tail.

If you plan on playing with only parts of the armor equipped on a female character, CBBE is required to avoid seams and clipping. Otherwise, no mods are required.

Known Issues
I've done my best to avoid/reduce clipping during animations as much as I can, but some clipping is impossible to prevent entirely and may still occur.


Patches, ports, tweaks, etc.
I won't personally be making patches for other mods, porting to other Skyrim versions/games or making tweaks based on user requests. Permissions are open to make any patch, port or tweak you see fit. You may also upload the patches, ports, tweaks etc publicly. Re-uploading the mod here (after it somehow gets lost) or elsewhere, is also allowed. Asking for permission is not required. Appropriate credit where it is due would be appreciated.

Community patches, tweaks & conversions
Body conversions
3BA Bodyslide conversion
 by Ithaelus - Makes the armor compatible with the female 3BA body and any of its bodyslide presets.
Vanilla female body conversion by Minodude - Makes the armor compatible with the vanilla female body.
HIMBO body conversion by Kreiste - Makes the armor compatible with the male HIMBO body and any of its bodyslide presets.
TBD body conversion by hyperflygon - Makes the armor compatible with the female TBD body and any of its blodyslide presets.

In-game distribution/acquisition
SPID distribution patch by itisbartolomeo - Adds the armor to the khajiit caravan guards through the use of SPID.
Wares of Tamriel patch by TheShiningAbsol - Adds the armor to the Wares of Tamriel shop's inventory for purchase
World placement patch by Skunkjohnson - Adds the armor to a dead body so that it can be looted
Uncraftable patch by granfdad - Removes the ability to craft the armor and instead adds 1 set of armor somewhere in the world to find.

Recolours & mesh tweaks
Lunar Guard Recolor by Xanderheit - Recolors the armor to a silver/black colour palette. Standalone version (also includes a compatibility patch for Moonpath) by LordMithro.
Daring Lunar Guard Armor by Nzymia - Changes the female meshes to a skimpier version for the 3BA body and any of its bodyslide presets.
Lunar guard armor HDT SMP beast tail patch by Artistop - Tweaks the armor mesh so it works better with HDT tails

Other tweaks
Lunar Guard - Light Armor ver. by EnemyRegent - Changes the armor from a heavy armor to a light armor


Future plans
There's a few more features that I would like to add in the future, if I find the time and motivation for it. These include:
- New colour/texture variations In progress
- Weapon set following the same theme (might be uploaded separately) In progress
- Unique inventory/world model 'thumbnail' meshes This has been added in version 1.2
- Optional glowing/wispy smoke effects around the eyes and mouth
- HDT physics

Caliente & Ousnius for CBBE, Bodyslide and OutfitStudio
Kreiste for patiently answering all my stubborn questions and the male armor tutorial
Darkluke1111 for the Skyrim Toolbox for Substance Painter
Shoni89P for helping with screenshots and being my mod's first guinea pig
The Skyrim community here on the Nexus and on Reddit for the moral support that kept me going