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An overhaul of the exterior of Saarthal, and changes to the bossfight at the end.

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My Goal

I love The Elder Scrolls series dearly, and I want to make my favorite game feel better for everyone. 
There are many other modders who do amazing things, and I feel like as a group we can make Skyrim feel new in EVERY way. 
My goal is to update, tweak, or entirely change most of the game's exteriors of commonly visited locations and dungeons throughout Skyrim, marked as ESL when available.
The scope of this project is massive, as I plan to redesign the experience you will have playing Skyrim. Whether you're a longtime veteran, or a totally new player, you will have something new, exciting, and more enjoyable to explore.

Consider joining my Discord for project updates!
Please feel free to leave suggestions and ask questions along the way! 

Ryn's Skyrim

An ongoing project to overhaul the entirety of Skyrim's Worldspace. This will initially released in individual files, then as large AOI files, then finally in the end I will provide an all encompassing AOI file that will contain everything.
This will inherently make the game more difficult, as additional enemy spawns will be placed to match the increased size of most locations. And certain enemies will be changed to be a bit more difficult. As well as totally new boss enemies being introduced.
The largest and most well known mods in the community will always be taken into consideration and I attempt to create a product that is either easily patched, or does not require a patch. However, I will not limit my creativity to accommodate other mods. I will only try to make it as easily patched as I can while completing my vision.

I have full plans to create open world bosses, as well as bosses with their own dungeons or worldspaces. These bosses will massively range in difficulty, but know that open world bosses that you can easily wander into will never be on the most difficult side of the scale.
Bosses will potentially come with unique weapons, armors, or spells, as reward for defeating them.
These rewards will either be made by me, or be provided by other skilled Mod Authors.

Additional locations, are part of Ryn's Skyrim as well. New points of interest, new openworld dwellings, new dungeons and worldspaces.
The scope of this mod is massive, and will take time to be completed. 

While completing this project, I will be releasing individual locations as I finish them so that the community can enjoy them. I will try my best to provide patches for other mods that are not created by me, though only the most "important" ones will I patch. When this project is complete, I will focus heavily on patches like that, as to work with my end product "Ryn's Skyrim".
Until then, I will be releasing patches that allow my own individual files to work seamlessly.
This project aims to redesign most of Skyrim and change your entire experience. So creating patches for tons of mods as I go will only slow the process. 

Ryn's Skyrim individual locations are meant to work on their own, so you can choose which you like and would like to stay away from. But in the end, all locations are meant to work together. Some locations will need patches that are necessary because of this. I will provide these patches.
These patches will not only include fixes to allow these files to work together, but will sometimes include interactions between the two original files. Small things usually.

Find Official Patches HERE.

I am always looking for others to work with. If you would like to help with this project, please contact me on the Nexus or on Discord. I am available in both places very often. Though mostly Discord. You will almost always get a reply from me on Discord within minutes.

I'm searching for creators to contribute assets such as armors and weapons. This includes already created mods you may wish the be included in some way in this project. I will ALWAYS provide clear and upfront credits to those who contribute. 
Level Designers that may want to join, I am not so interested in. If you feel so compelled though, again, feel free to contact me on the Nexus or on Discord.

Ryn's Saarthal

The first capital, and the first city in Skyrim, Saarthal is a grand, exciting, feat accomplished by the ancient Nords. But it doesn't feel like it.
The entrance to Saarthal is a weirdly shaped hole in the ground that looks like a literal entrance to a dungeon without any thought of storytelling. It does not feel like a discovered entryway to a long-lost city. 
But now, it does.
Saarthal's entrance is now a collapsed portion of the ancient city, rather than a generic dungeon entryway you'd find in a sad MMO.
The towering walls around you will tell a story of a once-great city, destroyed by Mer greed. The stone ceiling mostly collapsed, and the walls frozen in time, Saarthal's presence in the snowy landscape will be a sight to behold.

The college talks about the excavation of Saarthal, but the "excavation" they speak of is no more than a few bedrolls, a ramp to the entrance, and not a single soul actually excavating or researching what they find.
Just outside of the uncovered ruins, you'll now find a camp where the college constituents lay their heads, and review what they have found in the ruins.
While they research, a group of hired Orc laborers work tirelessly at the stone and ice, hoping to uncover more treasures. 
The world of Skyrim is a little less empty feeling with these ten new faces.

Jyrik Gauldurson
(Option to not include these changes.)

"Jyrik was the eldest son of Lord Gauldur, the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold. He and his brothers, Mikrul and Sigdis, coveted their father's amulet, which held immense power. Recovering the artifact, he and his brothers stormed the cities of Skyrim with summoned armies, ending many lives in their mad conquest. Sent by Arch-Mage Geirmund, a battalion of battlemages was dispatched to end the spree, sealing the brothers away in their respective tombs with Writs of Sealing. Jyrik himself was pursued to the already ancient ruin of Saarthal and trapped within. A powerful elemental mage, Jyrik slew ten veteran wizards before he was finally bested." - Source

It's no understatement to say that Jyrik Gauldurson was a very powerful man. His name is of legend, and his story told by generations to come. Your battle with him should be that of legend too, shouldn't it?
In the vanilla game, Jyrik scales to an incredibly pitiful 6-21. He is no stronger than most other Draugr in the game, even. With the only thing setting Jyrik apart from the rest, is his small amount of power gained from The Eye of Magnus.
Don't you think The Eye would grant him more power, since he's sat next to it for centuries?
Jyrik Gauldurson has been granted an incredible buff to himself, as well as several more Draugr defending him during this fight.
His level scaling as increased from 6-21, to 30-95.
His base HP has received a small buff.
He has a new enchanted weapon to replace his non-enchanted one.
And he has been granted several additional frost-related spells and abilities, and perks to go along with them. Including a few defensive perks.
The fight should be considerably harder without becoming unreasonable. You will absolutely have to go about this battle differently than you ever did before.


Will you make a patch for ___________?:
Maybe. If you are going to ask, please ask nicely. I'm a human before I am a modder. :)
I focus heavily on creating new mods to add to this project, so creating patches for other mods is not on the top of my list, unless it is among the most important to have patched. If you would like niche mods to be patched, I'm sorry but you may have to seek other assistance. This project will take a very very long time as it is.
If you put PATCH REQUESTS in the bug section, I will consider banning you from viewing any of my content.

I don't like this./This enemy is too hard. Can you change it for me?:

Damn that's crazy.

How do I contact you about ________?:
You can message me here on the nexus, or message me on Discord. (At the bottom of this page)

I'm having insert bug issue. Can you help?:
Please put any issues in the bug section. They are far more likely to be taken care of that way. 
I see your comments. I read all of them. Seriously, I read every single comment. Adding your patch requests in the BUG section will make me considerably less likely to make the patch. 
Please when reporting a bug, include images if you can. Chances are I will ask you for images regardless. Please either embed these images, or provide a link to Imgur. I will not go to any other site to view your images. If you provide a link to any other site, I will probably just delete or ignore the comment or bug report. 
HIGHLY suggest using a mod like More Informative Console to help you pinpoint where bugs are coming from and provide that information to the correct author.

Can you make an AIO version containing all of your mods?
Not yet. 
That is planned for later on and will come when I have the final creation of Ryn's Skyrim. Until then, no.

Can you overhaul insert location?
It's probably already on my list, but please feel free to request. Sometimes that's what pushes me to work on it.

Why don't you make many patches for other mods to work with your mods?

Because this project is very big. Making patches for other mods will take up an incredible amount of my time and drain me of any interest I have in completing this project. I am choosing to work on my own goal first, and then later I will pay much more attention to creating patches for other authors' work.

Special Thank you
A very special friend of mine who encouraged me to start modding.
Those who have helped encourage me, helped with feedback, and supported my work, thank you.
Without you, I do not think this project would continue.
As always, I love you, and happy modding

Feel free to join my community discord for updates on my projects