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Addon to LFFGM aimed at correcting clipping issues for particularly dense grass mods.

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I absolutely love dense and lush grass mods. I feel they make Skyrim look so much more alive and natural, especially now that most PCs can actually handle them.
But those mods have a big issue : they tend to get everywhere. Skyrim's terrain records were not designed for dense grass, so entire roads, paths and villages end up being completely overgrown.

Thankfully, the excellent Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods fixes most of these issues and makes the game actually playable with grass mods.
But with REALLY dense mods, even this is sometimes insufficient. This is why I made Complementary Grass Fixes. It builds on LFFGM and adds many small but noticeable fixes all over Skyrim. It mostly focuses on roads and paths, which are the areas most affected by grass mods.


This mod touches A LOT of landscape records. therefore it should be loaded as high as possible in you load order (ideally just after Landscape Fixes for Grass Mods). Any mod that changes landscape records (especially landscape levels) such as most city overhauls, must be loaded after Complementary Landscape Fixes.

Updates and patches

I went all across Skyrim fixing everything I could find, but I almost certainly missed a few spots. I will publish updates everytime I find a new area that needs fixing but if you find some grass that needs trimming on your side, you can let me know and I will take care of it.

I am also open to making patches for specific mods that might not be coverevd by LFFGM and need a good lawnmowing.
Just call me if you see too much grass somewhere. :)

The following mods already have a patch which can be selected from Complementary Grass Fixes' installer :
- Cutting Room Floor
- JK's Whiterun Outskirts
- Markarth Outskirts
- Riften Southwoods District
- Ryn's Dragon Mounds
- Ryn's Farms (individual and merged versions)
- Ryn's Whiterun City Limits