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Continuation of the popular mod "SSE Creation Kit Fixes" for the new version Creation Kit 1.6.XXXX

Permissions and credits
Various patches and bug fixes for the Creation Kit SE to make life easier.
A collection of modifications, enhancements, and reverse engineered resources for SSE CK version 1.5 and 1.6.

The mod has been rewritten under a different name "Creation Kit Platform Extended" and continues the work of the mod SSE Creation Kit Fixes. Supports all version CK.
The powerful open-source platform makes numerous fixes and improvements to the Creation Kit editor from Bethesda. This is a continuation of two previously archived projects, as I am already confused in the code. The new implementation is based on the principle of modularity, which will allow for better control of development.

  • This mod is incompatible with Unicode patch, if you want to use it, the bUnicode option must be false.
  • CK does not work well with ENB (At least on older versions). Use ckpe_loader.exe.
  • Root Builder incompatible for ideological reasons. There is probably a workaround, and probably the same as with ENB or Reshade. But this is the prerogative of the Root Builder author.

  • Delete all previous versions of the mod and its libraries.
  • Extract the zip contents to your Skyrim SE/AE directory containing CreationKit.exe.
  • Configure any options in CreationKitPlatformExtended.ini.
  • Run the Creation Kit.
  • Done.

Video on installing the mod from the author Darkfox127

Q. You will transfer the fixes from another F4CK mod?
A. Creation Kit Platform Extended for Fallout 4.

Q. What version does this require?
A. CKPE support version 1.5.3, 1.5.73, 1.6.438 and 1.6.1130.



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