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This is a Unofficial Patch For the Creation Kit

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Unofficial Creation Kit Patch

The main reason for why this is the best option out there is because the FaceFx wrapper that is currently available also effects the mods that you make while using it.

Meaning if you create a mod with it active and upload it, other people using an older version of Skyrim Special Edition may incur some issues while using your mod.

So my solution was to Create a Patch for the Creation kit my self &, after months spent on tweaking and testing i have come to the conclusion that this is by far the best fix without breaking anything.

What's New...?

  • Completely Patched CK
  • New Cursor set for Precision
  • Fixed Crash while Selecting multiple objects in render window.
  • Smoother Render Window
  • VSync Disabled
  • Improved Cache 
  • Resource usage Optimized
  • Now you can multitask, while having creation kit open
  • Now you can have multiple instances of creation kit open simultaneously
  • & More....

Requirements: Latest version of Creation Kit (Pre-installed) , Skyrim Special Edtion Version

Safely Install or Uninstall Anytime.


Step1: Run the setup ("UCKP - Patcher.exe"), Select Your ("Skyrim Special Edtion main directory"), Click Install.

If a Command Windows appears then, press D ("This Will Automatically Back up your Old CK files")



Step1: To uninstall Go to your skyrim special edition main Directory 

Step 2: Run the UCKP - Uninstaller.bat ("Your old C.K files will be automatically restored").


"Now You Can Enjoy Modding To Your Life's Content"

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