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An edit to Obsidian Mountain Fogs cleaned of errors that cause issues with DynDOLOD, with options for reduced size. Increases depth for the mountains of Skyrim.

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Obsidian Mountain Fogs Tweaked

Changes in this version:

  • In order to prevent DynDOLOD from throwing large reference errors, the ESP has been flagged as ESM, and had a problematic record (a new added sky static with the wrong Z coordinates) removed.

  • Obsidian Mountain Fogs primarily works by significantly increasing the scale of placed vanilla sky statics. I have reduced the scaled of these edited records optionally by 10% and 20%, reducing them to be overall more subtle, but still a great improvement over vanilla. The reduced size versions are still larger and more noticeable than in vanilla.

  • The plugin has also been compressed and flagged as an ESL so it doesn't occupy ESP space in your load order, thanks to Kulharin.

  • I also cleaned the mod of the one ITM record it had.

Description from the original mod page:

This ultrasmall ~50kb plugin envelops many of Skyrim's peaks in rolling fogs that provide depth, obscuration, and mystery to the Skyrim wilderness. Climb into the clouds while ascending the Throat of the World. Lose yourself in the heavenly rolling fogs of the Reach. This is how Skyrim was envisioned. 

This plugin was stripped from Obsidian Weathers so that you can use it alongside the weather mod of your choice. It comes at imperceptible performance cost and is compatible with everything. You can let all other mods overwrite to avoid rare and harmless conflicts. This mod is not needed if you have Obsidian Weathers.

Link to the original mod: Obsidian Mountain Fogs

Note: This does not require the original mod, as it replaces the ESP, but you should endorse the original to support the original creators.

Installation: Choose one of the three options - the default version does not edit the size of the fogs, and the other two options will reduce them by 10% and 20% respectively. It should be safe to replace the original mod on an existing save, but if you want to be extra safe use one of the two ESM flagged plugins in the optional files due to the way compressing plugins for the ESL flag modifies form IDs.

Compatibility: This is compatible with nearly everything, but may not work properly with Obsidian Weathers, as it contains some added sky static placements which may double up if using Obsidian (unless they use the same form ID). Retextures like Ethereal Clouds
will work fine but may change the look of them a bit.

Note on my screenshots: The screenshots are shown using the 25% reduced version under the optional files. I would recommend using the 20% reduction in the main files to achieve a similar look. I am primarily using Cathedral Weathers with Serio's ENB, a few reshade effects, and various retextures. These clouds will look different depending on your specific ENB, lighting, and texture setup.

INI edits: If you experience flickering, you can try increading fSkyCellRefFadeDistance under [MAIN] in SkyrimPrefs.ini up to 280000.000, and raise iMaxDesired under [PARTICLES] - I have it at 2500.000.

Permissions: You are free to use this mod however you choose, provided you share your mod with the same permissions.

Credits: HiShutUp, Arindel, Dr Megaloblast, DrJacopo, and Kulharin