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Adds a Shop and eventually a quest to take ownership.
Within the shop is a special mannequin equipped with different armor depending on plugin choice
As well a small cave with a very well-hidden chest within which to find special spell tomes again decided by plugin choice
All files ESL flagged.

Permissions and credits
This is a recreation of a mod I was making and never finished when this game came out in 2011

This mod adds a small shop on the outskirts of Whiterun that can, after an eventual quest, be taken ownership of. This will feature different armor sets on the mannequin in the vault so when you take ownership you can kit up. These will be more powerful as you gain certain perks which i outline in an in-game armorer guide for each armor set (currently one choice) Also a small dungeon cave system that will eventually become part of the quest. There is a hidden secret chest in the cave containing different spell tomes depending on plugin choice (currently only one choice, contains new reanimation spells). Cave is also a skooma den and is inhabited by a bandit gang. Lower level Players take caution. They are not leveled to you. They are higher tiered enemies.

Phase 1: Working to make compatible with EVERY mod that alters Whiteruns exterior within my main mod without needing a patch and still finding a good location within the new "City Outskirts" made by Ryn's Whiterun City Limits and JK's Whiterun Outskirts and the patches combining them both. (Completed)
~Completely rework cave system to be geographically correct with the new location. (Completed)
~When this happens, I will be updating all files and moving onto the next phase of this mod. (Completed)

Phase 2: After I have setup the shop location without interfering with other mods, I will be delving into making a quest to take ownership of the shop. This will grant you access to a chest in the vault that will respawn some gold payments from sales as well as various enchanted items of varying leveled strength depending on your character. (I have no idea how to do this yet but i learn fast! track this mod for updates!)

In the process:
Before taking ownership, the Dremora shop keeper will complain about his missing master, starting the quest to find him.
I have plans to do voice lines myself for the merchant as he will stay on to work for you when you take ownership (when I learn how to do this ;))

Phase 3: Start making more armor and spell options as well as working on weapon choices. I will be taking requests on anything people might be interested in and again will be working toward making my own models and textures for armor, weapons and spell tomes. (Again, when I learn how to do this, don't worry I learn fast.)

This all said i do still have a personal life and spring is basically upon us (I ride Motorcycles) i will be doing this anytime im home which will be less and less as it gets nicer here.

I did accomplish re-learning the creation kit, how to use SSEEdit to ESL flag, fix and clean mods and how to package everything in a FOMOD (The last two being new to me as I have not modded since early 2012) in the matter of just about a week, so I am hopeful it won't take me much longer to learn the rest but who knows.

any feedback is appreciated!

TL;DR: Works with JK's and Ryn's Whiterun EXT and more.

I've taken some steps to make this as compatible as possible with every mod I could for Whiterun's exterior without too much patching needed.

That said i will have Different Navmesh patches up shortly that will address the different states you may be playing the game in.

These will include Vanilla/ JK's Outskirts Alone / Ryn's Whiterun City Limits Alone / JK's And Ryn's Combined / And the Combo With Better Courier Services.

Each navmesh patch will address the issues each of those different mods in different combinations present.

Please have patients as I continue to improve my skill and this mod. 

Any suggestions feel free to let me know!

For best results load BEFORE JK's and Ryn's mods.
Navmesh patches incoming. Load those AFTER everything else.