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Complete Crafting Overhaul (CCOR) and Legacy if the Dragonborn display patches for Ancient Nord Stalhrim by TateTaylorUSA.

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I'm currently playing with the mod Ancient Nord Stalhrim and really like the diversity and immersion it brings.  I made a WACCF/CCOR/MLU patch for my game, then thought about how cool a Legacy of the Dragonborn display area would be for all these new weapons...So I made both and figured I'd share!

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered (CCOR) Patch:
  • Adds CCOR crafting conditions, and breakdown recipes for all the weapons...Stalhrim ore from Stalhrim weapons, Ebony ingots from Ebony weapons.  
  • Forwarded some relevant USSEP records, and fixed a few messed up records from the original mod.
  • This is an ESL flagged ESP

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes (WACCF) Patch:
  • Add WACCF Keywords and stats
  • This is an ESL flagged ESP

Morrowloot Ultimate (MLU) Patch:
  • Releveled the weapon stats to be more in-line with MLU...slightly less powerful that their vanilla Stalhrim and Ebony counterparts.
  • This is an ESL flagged ESP

Legacy of the Dragonborn Display Patch (Unofficial):

  • Created a custom Nordic-themed display area in the museum Armory - East Wing for all Nord Stalhrim and Ebony weapons.  I had to disable 4 mannequins and several weapon racks/plaques along the back-left wall, so hopefully it's worth the tradeoff! 
  • Added displays for every model of Stalhrim and Ebony versions of Ancient Nord and Nord Hero weapons (36 in all).
  • Re-pathed several Ancient Nord Stalhrim weapon meshes to the correct texture paths (CC Fishing is no longer required to get the right textures)
  • Created weapon displays based on Jelidity's AWESOME Stalhrim Refrozen mod, as well as models from LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons.    These mods aren't a hard requirement for this patch, but I'd HIGHLY recommend Stalhrim Refrozen!!
  • My Ancient Nord Stalhrim - CCOR Patch isn't required, but it's suggested.
  • Since this mod adds displays for both Ancinet Nord Stalhrim and Ebony weapons, I HIGHLY recommend using this alongside Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim, and the corresponding patch from Ancient Nord Stalhrim!
  • This is an ESL flagged ESP
  • This is an "Unofficial" LotD Patch, but it's not my first rodeo...all support should be handled by me rather than the LotD team.
  • *** Before installing this patch, make sure ALL armor and weapons are removed from the mannequins/weapon racks and plaques on the left side of the doorway toward the end of the hall or you will lose them!!!!! ***

Load Order Tips for the LotD Patch:
  • WACCF Patch, then MLU Patch, then CCOR Patch
  • Load LotD Patch after anything that touches the LotD museum...SFCO - LotD Patch, LotD Tweaks and Fixes, Lux patches, any merged patches containing anything touching the LotD museum, etc.
  • Load all patches after ANS - Ebony.esp (optional ebony patch in Ancient Nord Stalhrim)

Required Mods:

Recommended mods:

Tate Taylor and opusGlass and jboyd4 for Ancient Nord Stalhrim
kryptopyr for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered
Icecreamassassin and team for Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE
Monops for making my CCOR, WCCAF, and MLU patches a LOT better
Jelidity for 
Stalhrim Refrozen

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