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My character preset of Grommash Hellscream, both before and after drinking demon blood, feel free to do with it as you please! (yours will be bald, and look like Garrosh instead, more info below)

Permissions and credits

Just a preset I made for Grommash Hellscream, big thanks and much credit goes to the creators of the mods I've used, without whom I never could've gotten this look, since I have no experience creating mods from scratch, I have simply tinkered with mods readily available to suit my personal needs, and you'll have to do the same in some cases, as I wont be uploading edits made in other mods, sorry. However, I will tell you what I've done, so you can do the same if you want to, though there's no real need, you can simply use mods as is, switch them out for other mods, or just skip them entirely. I consider all mods I used as essential for this specific look, but feel free to use whatever other combinations you want, not everything is required for the preset by itself, but it is if you want to look like in the pictures. As for load order, I just let vortex handle all that for me.

Presets are called "Draenor Grommash 2022" and "Grommash Bloodcursed 2022"

(side note, some mods listed might not even have an impact on the character, some may have been overwritten completely in my load order, I honestly have no idea, I just use what I use and it's worked out well so far, haha).

Below you'll find what mods I use, and tell you about any edits, if any, I've made, so you can follow up on your own. If you get any cool screenshots don't forget to upload them, and please do endorse if you like it and end up using it. You may do with it as you please, but do give credit where credit's due if you use it as a foundation for your own cool stuff, both to me and the creators of mods I've used, thanks. I've done my part, now it's up to you to bring him to life!

(also available now is an actual preset for Garrosh, for anyone who needs a real villain around)

Again, so you don't miss it, your Grommash is going to be bald and actually look more like Garrosh when you load the presets, because the hair is an edit I made for personal use only from ApachiiSkyhair, and isn't included here, you'll have to take matters into your own hands.

Big thanks and credit:

Blades Samurai armour and kimonos -Banner used, just reskinned with the warsong emblem.

Dragonbone barbarian armors -Chest piece used.

Pauldron -Dawnguard pauldron used.

Community overlays bodypaints 01
Not quite sure which one of these I use for the bodypaint, but you should for sure get both.
Community overlays bodypaints 02

Barbarian bodypaints -Facepaint used for the signature back chin, absolutely needed IMO

Elemental eyes -Needed specifically for the glowing demonic eyes of the blood cursed version, I simply made them available for orcs as well, you'll need to do the same if you want them too, otherwise any red eyes should do the trick, and it's not needed for the uncursed version.

True faces -Not needed, but highly recommended

ApachiiSkyHair -This is where most of your work potentially comes in, I made the hair combining 2 hairstyles taken from here, you'll have to do the same if you want this hair. for any other hairstyle, do as you please, but when you select the preset you'll have a bald head. So just as a heads up in case you missed it above, while it might not be Grommash, you'll have a pretty cool Garrosh instead, if that's something you're interested in.

Lore friendly elf eyes -Not necessary, but needed for the eye texture I use for the uncursed look, in combination with another mod below.

Northborn scars -Not needed, but recommended.

Total character makeover -Not needed, but highly recommended.

Vanilla eye colors unlocked -Not necessarily needed, but it is if you want the eyes I use, used in combination with the eye retexture mentioned above, the eyes used in the pictures are bosmer eyes originally.

SkySight skins
-Not needed, but highly recommended.

Tempered skins for males -Not needed, but highly recommended.

Orc overhaul -extreme version-
-Required for the body to look like in the pictures, I use the extreme version and without this, your Grom will be considerably smaller, and he'll look pretty malnourished in comparison. 

RACEMENU -Absolutely required, without this, you got nothing.

CL's Gorehowl -What would Grommash be without his trusted axe? I've tweaked the meshes and colors a bit myself, it's up to you to do the same if you feel the need, but the axe itself I consider both required and essential.

A dentist for orsimer -Not needed, but I use these textures myself, just changed up the colors a bit.

Christine Dragon breaker  -Used for hands and feet, just changed up the colors a bit.