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Body Morphs, height, and Berserker Strength racial for orcs.

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(Direct port from Oldrim with Form change to 44 for SE.)
A mod to make Orcs as intimidating and challenging as they're cracked up to be. 
In previous games orcs were tough, with the highest endurance, high strength, and a natural magic resistance. In Skyrim, playing or fighting orcs is no different than any other race.(They have no racial passive at all actually.)   
Along with that they've had their height reduced from previous games.
So I made this mod, to make Orcs equal to their oblivion counterparts by boosting their endurance and strength(Carry Weight +50, Unarmed damage from  4-10, and health +50), alongside adding a racial passive called "Berserker Strength".(Which makes orcs tougher, stronger, and with a 10% magic resistance.) 
On top of that I've scaled them up and given them unique body morphs(That work with all armors and body types) that make them look bigger and stronger.
Mod comes in 3 versions:
Subtle: Closer to Oblivion, height is around 6'5" with a stronger build
Standard: True Orcs, as they are in most fantasy settings. Height of around 6'7" and with a large muscular build
Extreme: For those who are fans of giant massively muscled orcs as seen in things like "Of Orcs and Men" or "Warhammer"(And "Warcraft" for that matter), these orcs stand around 6'9" and are as burly as I could get them.

If you don't like the racial it's extremely easy to remove in tesedit(Simply right click and select remove on the "berserker strength" lesser power in both the orc and the orc vampire races, after loading the file in tesedit.)