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Player can place teleporters at any 9 locations in game and can recall to them from any location at any time. Teleporters can also be linked to each other and allow PC to transport NPC's and enemies to anywhere in the world.

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This mod also exists in other Skyrim versions:
- Standard version:
- Enderal:

- Adds two spells
-- Summon Teleporter: Creates a teleportation node (up to 9). Each can be linked to each other to transport anything between them
(including NPC's, objects, and yourself).
-- Teleport: A Recall spell that allows the PC to warp to any of the created teleportation nodes.

Demonstrative Video:

How to get the spells: All you need are two Spell Tomes. They are located in the College of Winterhold library on the front desk of Urag gro-Shub.

Note about the "Tractor Beam" spell in video: You can get it from this mod -

Detailed Instructions


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: This is a spin-off of the Trap and Guardian mod, which also has a set of teleporters included. Feel free to use those ones as well, which will give a total of 18 teleporters available for use.

Changes: There are 3 key differences between this mod and my previous mod on traps:
1. This mod only deals with teleportation. There will be no traps
2. Spawn location is exactly on the teleporter's physical location, as
opposed to the location of where the "Summon Teleporter" was casted
3. A "Teleport" spell is available to recall to any placed Teleporter